Reporter took a picture of a resort and ended up in Turkmen prison

Recently freed from a Turkmen prison, a journalist once working undercover for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty recently told Capital News Service he still feels “very bad (as a result of) the sores and consequences of torture in prison.”

Ukraine rebels hold U.S.-funded reporter nearly two years

As Russian television cameras rolled, one of the last Ukrainian journalists remaining in separatist-held Donbas stumbled over his espionage confession, barely five minutes long.

Brother was imprisoned in Uzbekistan to silence journalist

Uzbekistan’s new government has released hundreds of political prisoners in last two years but still has more behind bars than the other former Soviet States combined.

She digs into corruption as Ukraine targets possible sources

Natalia Sedletska’s award-winning journalism in Ukraine has led to government investigations and prosecutions and become the basis for official efforts to recover millions in taxpayer money stolen by corrupt officials.

U.S.-funded journalist: Each day we kiss our kids goodbye

On the morning of April 30, journalists in Kabul heard a familiar thunder. They grabbed cameras and tote bags, rounded up colleagues and rushed out of their safe offices to find a familiar site: the aftermath of a suicide bomb.

Cold War’s Radio Free Europe Now Beacon of Independent News: Its Reporters Killed, Assaulted, Imprisoned, Even by U.S. Allies

Created by the CIA during the Cold War, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has evolved into a standard bearer of independent journalism in Europe and Central Asia.

Maryland voters to decide on two statewide ballot questions

One amendment would require the governor to budget commercial gaming revenues for supplemental public education funding, and the other would allow same-day voter registration on Election Day.

Md. police use DNA tool to identify the dead, find suspects

A recently developed DNA tool has already led to a murder charge in Maryland. Police think it will be useful in investigations to come.

The Other Games

Every four years, millions of viewers tune in to watch figure skaters and ice hockey stars compete in the Winter Olympics.But what about the sports and athletes that don’t participate?