Advocates for Poor Plead To Restore Welfare Program

ANNAPOLIS – Advocates for the poor and disabled pleaded with lawmakers Wednesday to restore a welfare program slashed from the 1996 budget by Gov

Background Checks Sought for Care Providers to Elderly

ANNAPOLIS – If our children deserve to be protected from unfit care providers, so do our our elderly

Muldowney Loaned Congressional Campaign $74,500

WASHINGTON – While almost all of Rep

Mail-order Booze Becoming a Problem, Officials Say

ANNAPOLIS – Mail-order alcohol presents a sobering problem for Maryland, House members learned Thursday

Eastern Shore Delegates Support Anti-Hunger Measures

ANNAPOLIS – Key Eastern Shore legislators pledged their support for anti-hunger measures at a meeting Thursday with members of the Maryland Coalition to End Hunger

Parents, Students Debate Merits of Service Requirement

ANNAPOLIS – High school students should not be forced to perform community service to receive their diplomas, supporters of a House bill to repeal the service learning requirement told the Ways and Means committee Wednesday

Losing Candidate Gies Ends Year in Debt

WASHINGTON – Democrat Ralph Gies closed last year’s failed election bid against Rep

Cuts in Metro Could Bring Fare Hikes

WASHINGTON – President Clinton’s proposed 14 percent cut to federal transportation programs could lead to fare hikes for Metrorail riders