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Van Hollen, Senators Seek Repeal of Gun Industry Shield Law

Van Hollen and Democratic senators seek to repeal a 10-year-old gun liability shield law.

New Poll Reveals Tight Maryland Senate Race

New survey of likely Democratic voters in Maryland’s Senate primary shows Chris Van Hollen with a slight lead over Donna Edwards.

Attorneys General Aim to Curb Regional Gun Violence, Trafficking

Attorneys general in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia meet to coordinate efforts on reducing gun violence and illegal gun trafficking in the region.

Medical Marijuana Supporters Look for Change from Congress

The Senate passage of legislation allowing VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana use to their patients is a step in the right direction but medical marijuana supporters want to see a change in federal regulation.

Blimp Escape Prompts New Scrutiny by Congress

A giant balloon — dubbed the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System — or JLENS for short — broke free from its mooring station at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground on Oct. 28.

What’s In A Name: The Washington Professional Football Team

What’s in a name? A look at the Washington NFL team and the controversy surrounding its mascot.

One Million Veterans to be Focus of Federal Disease Research Project

Mega bio-bank under construction to study how genes affect veterans’ health.

Low-Income Alzheimer’s Patients Battle More Than The Disease

It was 1994 when Barbara Harris noticed her mother, Edith Harris, would write and keep little notes. She was starting to forget things.

“She started slipping a little bit,” daughter Harris, a Baltimore resident, recalled.

It was not until 1996 that Edith Harris was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a type of dementia that causes progressive memory loss that eventually interferes with daily tasks and body functions.

For Edwards, Health Care Issues Are Personal

As Donna Edwards campaigns for Senate, she uses the personal struggles of her past to talk about political issues such as Health Care

Educational Gender Gap Is Changing Around the World, New Study Finds

Women make up the majority of higher education degree-holders, study finds.