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Biden moves to strengthen crypto oversight

The move marks the most significant effort by the federal government to install guardrails and regulations governing the developing cryptocurrency markets.

With House seats up for grabs, calls for redistricting reform grow louder

Advocates for reform say the gerrymandering that district maps are undergoing this cycle is the worst they’ve seen. 

Economist weighs effectiveness of sanctions to deter Putin’s advance on Ukraine

Washington – NATO’s sanctions against Russia include limiting the country’s banks’ access to SWIFT. But one economist believes banning oil exports is more powerful than sanctions.

Biden cuts off Russian oil and gas imports to U.S.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Tuesday banning Russian oil, natural gas, and coal imports to the United States in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Police investigate attack on Russian restaurant as a possible hate crime

Washington – A Russian restaurant in Washington may be feeling the backlash from Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Police are investigating vandalism to the restaurant as a possible hate crime.

Policy proposal to allow cyclists and scooters to yield instead of stopping

The legislation will also ban right turn on red for vehicles in an attempt to protect pedestrians.

Biden administration preps new rules covering sexual misconduct

The new policies are also expected to create additional protections for LGBTQ+ students, according to Biden’s executive order.

Biden taps Jackson to serve as first Black woman on Supreme Court

Jackson, 51, would fill the seat of Justice Stephen Breyer, who announced his retirement in late January. Jackson previously worked as a law clerk for Breyer.

Drivers brace for higher gas prices as Russia invades Ukraine

Gas prices are approaching levels not seen since 2008. Inflation has contributed largely to this. And now, a threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine may push prices higher.

‘Putin chose this war’: Biden imposes new sanctions on Russia for Ukraine invasion

Biden said that the new sanctions will “impose severe costs on the Russian economy, both immediately and over time.”