The integration of sports and politics went to the next level in 2020

When Dodger Stadium underwent a redesign under the watchful eye of Janet Marie Smith in 2012, she never thought that nearly a decade later the stadium would be used as a polling center in a presidential election amidst a worldwide…

Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is elected 46th president of the United States

After more than three days of uncertainty in a closely-contested race, former Vice President Joe Biden has defeated President Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States.

In an anxiety-ridden year, turnout breaks 120-year record

Fear, peer influence, more voting options to accommodate the pandemic, and either a love or hate for President Donald Trump were all among reasons for 2020’s high turnout.

Maryland’s political battle lines continue to harden in 2020

Unofficial Maryland election results show that little has changed politically in the state. Both parties continue to move further into their respective corners, and third-party voting returned to usual levels after a spike in 2016.

As the nation awaits final presidential election results, Congress slowly takes shape

Democrats needed to flip four Republican Senate seats to regain control of the chamber after six years.

Biden and Trump await the verdict of a divided and stressed-out nation

Shadowed by an historic pandemic, economic uncertainty and deep political divisions, the United States concluded a landmark election on Tuesday that will determine whether President Donald Trump extends his chaotic presidency another four years or former Vice President Joe Biden’s appeals for a dramatic course reversal put him in the White House in January.

Marylanders cast Election Day votes on ballot questions

Marylanders faced two statewide ballot questions addressing Constitutional amendments this year — addressing the budget process and sports betting. Early returns indicate both are likely to pass.

Voters say they worry about the future, the pandemic, health care and socialism

Voters on both sides of the political aisle voiced concern about the COVID-19 pandemic. Republicans tended to worry about a rise in socialism, while Democrats were more likely to bring up social issues, such as racial disparities. 

In battleground Ohio, pandemic and economy among voters’ concerns

It will take several days to tabulate the final results of Ohio’s mail-in and in-person early voting, and final, certified results will be available no later than Nov. 28. 

Baltimore votes, picks a mayor – and remembers Trump’s insults

Election Day in Baltimore still felt a bit like a celebration of civic duty, and Baltimoreans said they felt good about exercising their right to vote.

Here’s why Maryland voters went to the polls on Election Day.

Capital News Service spread out across Maryland on Election Day to talk with voters who braved a global pandemic to cast a ballot in person. Here’s what those voters told CNS.

Voters in GOP-majority county head to polls in ‘blue’ Maryland

The state’s gateway to the Eastern Shore has voted for a Republican candidate in the last five presidential elections.

Volunteer health ambassadors sent to Maryland polling stations

A team of volunteer health professionals has been deployed to polling stations around the state to provide health and safety guidance intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to voters and poll workers.

Examining Postal Service and early voting issues in nine swing states

In an attempt to provide insight into potential mail-in voting issues that could affect the 2020 election, we examined the Postal Service and mail-in voting issues experienced in battleground states.

Maryland officials encourage drop box use, confirm security

Maryland elections officials are encouraging the use of ballot drop boxes as the mailing deadline approaches, and outlined the safety of the receptacles to state lawmakers earlier this month.

Major campaign giving varies widely by race and geography in Maryland

Montgomery County residents donated $23 million, around half of the state’s total contributions to federal races. Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore, and Prince George’s Counties were the next top contributing counties.

What will we know and when will we know it on Tuesday? (Or later?)

With record voter turnout, including a high volume of mail-in ballots, and mail delays expected, it is unclear whether we will know who the next president is on election night.

Among expectations of record voter turnout, many people still cannot or will not vote

There are various reasons that nonvoters– who tend to be younger, less educated, less wealthy and less likely to be white than voters– choose to not, or cannot, cast a ballot.

Trump and Biden tweeting toward objectivity

In a highly anticipated election, Trump and Biden have used all tools at their disposal to get their message out, especially Twitter. In a CNS analysis of their Twitter accounts, there were a few notable differences, including engagement totals and subjectivity.

Maryland’s early and mail-in votes outpace 2016

Mail-in vote totals are around 500% higher than in 2016, and early vote numbers are up as well. That likely will not affect who Maryland picks for president this year.