Meet the 32 candidates vying for District 7

Nora Eckert

Nearly two months after Elijah Cummings’ death, 32 candidates — including his widow, a former staffer and several state lawmakers — are competing in the packed race to fill his seat.

The primary for the special election is Feb. 4, with the general election scheduled for April 28.

Explore our election guide to see how the 32 candidates answered three questions Capital News Service sent them. Their responses are unedited.

Getting to know you: What do you want voters to know about you?

Top issues: What are the top three issues you’d like to focus on if elected?

Climate change: Capital News Service just finished a yearlong investigation into how climate change is affecting the urban poor in Baltimore. What do you plan to do to address this issue?

Get to know the candidates for District 7

The following candidates responded to Capital News Service's questions over email. Candidates who did not respond, and links to their campaign websites, when available, are listed in the following group.

Getting to know you:
- I am a devoted father and husband.
- I value my faith and have been blessed in my life.
- It is always important to want to give back and serve others. I believe it is the right time for me to run for this elected office so that I may be able to give back and serve the community!
- I am a business owner, which requires significant problem solving skills on a daily basis. I will bring my real life problem solving skills to the public sector beginning Day #1.
- I know Md. District 7 Very Well, as All facets of my life (ie. birth, schooling, home ownership, worship, coaching, business ownership, raising our family, etc.) have taken place in Md. 7 District.

Top issues:
1 - S - Safety & Security First: We must protect the people and sustain a safe and healthy environment in which to live. This must involve creating a trust and a partnership between our neighborhoods, law enforcement (local, state, federal), local community churches, and the elected leadership (local, state, and federal). If elected, you will see me leading locally on developing the required partnership to develop the plan to solve these serious problems!
2 - V - Veterans: We must Never Forget! This includes our great veterans (and their families) who have served, continue to serve, and those who have made ultimate sacrifice. In addition, we must provide the proper resources, leadership, support, and backing to our law enforcement on the local, state, and federal levels! Those who serve put their lives on the line each and every day! They should expect and must deserve our support!
3 - T - Trade Schools for Our Youths! There are so many kids that find that the conventional path in our schools don't fit and that they absolutely want to learn a trade and/or a real life skill. We must invest and plan to provide this additional alternative. As a business owner in the construction industry, we always need new and properly trained individuals to fill the employment needs of our industry. I believe that we should make immediate investments of time, effort, and dollars into this area of need. Trade Schools are like the Minor Leagues which provide the Major Leagues with the short and long term employment talent to sustain and succeed!

Climate change:
- I believe that we have a personal and moral responsibility, as stewards of the planet that God created, to take care of our neighborhoods and communities (locally and globally).
- As I travel through many parts on Md. 7 District on a daily basis, I see so many neighborhoods and communities that have trash strewn and hazardous materials lying all around. This is unacceptable. If elected, I would immediately seek legislation to create "Trash Brigades" to clean up these areas and provide for a sustainable program moving forward.
- This will certainly require a partnership with those people living in these affected areas and our program.
- Living in a cleaner and healthier environment will certainly benefit All in the short and long term!

Getting to know you:
I live in the district & see the bad condition of it everyday. I have a passion to fix the issues & not make the constituents of the district a charity for future votes. I'll just fix the problems. My Grandfather , Christopher Bland, had a business in the district (Bland's carryout) & the district needs the $1.8 billion dollars to empower the enterprise zones for future opportunities for small businesses like my grandfather had.

The district voters need to know no Democrat that has signed up for this open seat will solve the district's issues & lives are at stake in this election. Murder is up 52% in Baltimore county also & "All" of the DEMOCRATS, including Maya Cummings & Mr. Mfume, will vote the same failed policies back in place because they will only vote within party lines. We need a change, a vote for me in the GOP is a guarantee change because I'll vote differently inside my parties lines at least & I want to strengthen & unite the district for good.

Top issues:
My top 3 issues are
1. Illegal lmmigration. This District is in a sanctuary state, Dr. Claude Anderson at the Harvest institute states that this is the greatest threat to urban areas first.
2. The Opiod Crisis. Maryland has the highest overdoses death rate surpassing the murder rates in the city & county.
3. The Federal Deficit. It's out of control and federal government spending needs to be put under control now.

Climate change:
The district's approach for tackling climate change should be built on principles of innovation, conservation & adaptation. I've have long championed realistic, innovative & free market strategies to promote a cleaner environment & to reduce emissions.

Anderson's profile on Red Maryland.
Getting to know you:
I am T Dan Baker. I am a very very concerned District 7 citizen regarding race relations, corporate influence in government, US foreign policy, and especially climate change. Son of a Baptist Minister and high school Math teacher. One of the first graduates of the Virginia Military Institute to join the Peace Corps.

Huge fan of JFK’s ‘can do’ vision supporting the ‘moonshot’ and 'civil rights'. A civilian veteran (US Foreign Service) of Afghanistan (2 tours), International Public Health professional, and recently returned Country Director of an infectious disease prevention and treatment program covering southern Turkey and northern Syria.

I’ve been fortunate over my career as an international health & development professional to have visited many countries of the world, and I have seen with my own eyes the changes which have befallen other countries suffering from poor governance, corruption, and lack of leadership to address climate change. We must fight to prevent this from happening to the United States!

Top issues:
Issue 1: I believe that there is serious denial in government - that needs to be called out and addressed at the federal level - regarding the realities of race relations and climate change.

Issue 2: I believe that there is serious corruption in government - that also needs to be called out, investigated, and addressed - regarding corporate influence in government and foreign policy.

Issue 3: I believe that most folks in District 7 want:
· to have the financial boot off their throats – even if a little bit – so that the income they are making today stretches a little bit further each month (perhaps by reducing the work week to 4 days);
· to feel safe and secure from violence – both domestically and internationally;
· to have access to decent health care, food, and education for their kids.

And I believe that the following policies can help achieve these wants!
· Equal Pay: Same salary for same job
· Minimum Wage: = A living wage!
· Drug Use Decriminalization: For non-violent offenders
· Education: Pay teachers their real worth! Ensure curriculum is preparing our children for their future
· Female Reproductive Rights: It is a woman's right to choose and have access to health care services!
· Universal Health Care (Plus Public Opt) : It is a Human Right! People should have the right to choose the kind of care they want.
· Gun Control: License and registration to own
· Immigration: Far enough back, aren’t we all immigrants?
· Legalization of marijuana: And new research into medical use
· Gay marriage & adoption: We all need love & loving parents!
· Improving Transportation and Infrastructure

Climate change:
As a trained member of Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, I’ve believed in the need for US leadership and an aggressive response to the Global Climate Crisis for many years now. The UNEP report that came out this week provided evidence and stated emphatically that the global community of countries is not effectively reducing its Green House Gas emissions to meet the pledges of the Paris Climate Agreement signed in 2015 to keep global temperature rise below 1.5 C. Though several states and cities across the US are working diligently to meet the Paris Agreement, including Maryland, clearly much more needs to be done. To this end in my website platform ( I propose a “stretch goal” to begin Reversing Climate Change - while establishing new jobs – starting right here in District 7 by:

· Establishing the first all renewable energy municipality (including all residences and businesses) in the United States & by
· Training District 7’s unemployed and underemployed in solar and wind turbine manufacturing, grid conversion, and systems installation.

In establishing the first all renewable energy municipality in District 7, what is required first and foremost is citizen and distributor incentives to convert from fossil fuel based electric supply to renewables only supply. To be clear, several outside companies have attempted this in District 7 in the past, but households remain hesitant to switch their electricity supply for fear of a mishap in billing or getting stuck with an incorrect increase in cost. *As a point of fact, renewable energy costs per kilowatt hour are typically 3 to 5 cents less than that of fossil fuel-based supply.

As Representative for District 7, I would work with local communities and all levels of Maryland state and local government: first, to identify the economic and environmental benefits of conversion to ‘renewables only’ for municipal electric supply; second, to move such popular initiatives forward while overcoming key roadblocks to making such a conversion successful; and third, to entreat and lobby the US Congress to provide support for this cutting edge, first of its kind, state and locally run, initiative.

Developing a model for the “GREEN AMERICA” renewable energy employment initiative in District 7 will require integrated investment in both rural (solar array and wind turbine component manufacturing) and urban (grid conversion, electricity storage, and installation) development. To attract such investments will require incentives – for small and large businesses alike – in the form of favorable terms of land use and taxation so that existing and startup green manufacturing companies can in turn offer attractive and favorable terms to their newly recruited and trained District 7 employees.

Getting to know you:
Like Congressman Cummings, I am a practicing attorney and have the legal acumen to expand human rights legislation in Congress. My record on civil rights, criminal justice, and voting rights is extensive and the Congressman was an inspiration and guide to me in this work. Many of the issues of police accountability and government accountability were issues that I was championing over a decade before the murder of Freddie Gray or the cruelty and lawlessness of the Gun Trace Task Force were unmasked. I served as the Director of the Baltimore Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement prior to my ascension to the State Senate. I have immense pride that Congressman Cummings called me “The People’s Champion”. Not only do I have a history of civil rights advocacy, I also have serious plans on how to take the freedom struggle to Congress.

I want to author legislation that will work to end the War on Drugs, mass incarceration, homelessness, and the criminalization of poverty. I will fight to make the right to vote, the most sacred right in any democracy, inalienable to the incarcerated and expand the Voting Rights Act. I will fight to end poverty and support a public health approach to addressing the systemic issues that create crime. I will push for a special prosecutor who can investigate police departments and police brutality cases around the country, which would assist the enforcement of the consent decree

Top issues:
Federal investment into city and county budgets, earmarked specifically for education, recreation, public health, and infrastructure improvements, and an end to Opportunity Zones.

Criminal justice reform and police accountability to end mass incarceration and the criminalization of poverty. Sentencing reform, end of mandatory minimums and cash bail. Special prosecutor to investigate police brutality and corruption.

Medicare For All: no co-pays, deductibles, or premiums. Comprehensive coverage that includes prescription medicine, dental, vision, and hearing. Will save working families thousands of dollars a year and save thousands of lives.

Climate change:
I will be a day 1 sponsor of the Green New Deal. We need federal investment to build public transit like the Red Line. We need to convert to 100% renewable energy. We need to converse and expand our national parks and forests. We need to create union jobs for all to create a green economy and mitigate the effects of climate change. We need to improve water and air quality by getting rid of lead and planting more trees. We need to end wars, which contribute greatly to climate change.

Getting to know you:
I am NOT a politician. Although I am not a politician, I am served my country HONORABLY for 14 years in our Armed Forces to include two combat tours and I have at least 7 years of community volunteer service in different parts of country where I have lived.

While I do not have a political background, I have many unique life experiences and I will bring fresh perspectives, bold ideas, and new blood to the Baltimore area political scene. I have lived in Baltimore before and it will be my pleasure to serve the Baltimore metropolitan area as YOUR Congressman.

Top issues:
1) Increase federal minimum wage to $15.00/hour;
2) Ensure voting rights for all citizens not incarcerated; and
3) Protect the employment opportunities of as American as possible from being replaced by artificial intelligence (service industry, truck drivers, rideshare drivers, customer service agents, insurance agents, medical coders, and even surgeons).

Climate change:
My number one priority in developing EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT solutions to address climate change is protecting jobs. PERIOD. I see what the Democrat Party did to the coal miners working in West Virginia, western Pensylania, western Maryland, and southern Ohio and I REFUSE to allow any initiative that would do the same thing to the residents of the Baltimore metropolitan area-- or really anywhere else in the country. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY IMMORAL! Those Americans were lied to and so many of them were left without a viable means to provide for their families. NEVER AGAIN!
Getting to know you:
If voters take the time to evaluate my plans for legislation improving our district, I believe they will see that they don’t have to cast votes for the same political names. Names that have either failed to deliver or who have no cohesive approach to forwarding an agenda that works.

Top issues:
a. Healthcare access and cost
b.improved equity in the district with respect to education, housing and job prospects.
c. Crime and safety in Baltimore and the county. This includes my approach to gun control and drug addiction.

Climate change:
As your article points out, there is only so much that can be done by Baltimore alone. This requires leadership in Congress, such as myself, with a better understanding of climate science. There is already a strong grass roots effort from young people to improve climate control but a lack of congressional, and presidential, champions. Immediately we need to improve housing options in Baltimore for extremes of heat and cold triggered by climate change. Then improve healthcare access when the residents are ill. Finally, enact legislation and standards that reduce reliance on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

My campaign includes an initiative called the ‘Code BLUE team’ which plans to use our collective lobbying power to forward legislation prioritizing these issues.

Getting to know you:
I am running for this Office to be a positive voice for the diverse residents of the 7th Congressional District. I live in the District and I care about the District. My goal is to connect our communities around the kitchen table concerns that impact all of us…access to affordable healthcare, quality education and training programs that do not burden new graduates with insurmountable student loan debt, confidence that the water we consume and the bridges we cross are safe. I will continue to be a champion for oral health. My candidacy will foster more dialogue to bring greater awareness of the unmet oral health needs of so many members of our community, including our seniors, veterans and working adults. I look forward to undertaking this campaign with integrity, civility, responsiveness, advocacy and action.

Top issues:
Healthcare access is one of the most important issues that our citizens face. The Affordable Care Act expanded coverage and reduced the number of medically uninsured individuals, however many Marylanders remain underinsured and cannot afford essential services such as dental care, hearing aids and co-payments for ongoing rehabilitative treatment and prescriptions. We need to implement safety net solutions that work, and that people can get to. My goals are to elevate the congressional conversation to a level that incorporates the multiple facets of healthcare, to pursue action to reduce health disparities and expand not only access, but also the scope of covered treatment including adult and senior dental care.

We must provide our youth with the essential tools for success grounded in comprehensive educational fundamentals. Our schools need to be safe centers of academic excellence with up to date, accurate resources and sound facilities. Our teachers and support staff need to be supported and listened to. We have an obligation to ensure that our students have adequate readiness to learn and are not fearful in their transit to and from school. The cost of higher education and training programs should not prohibit individuals from pursuing their dreams. Quality education has to be attainable so as to position our youth and returning learners to be poised for infinite possibilities and opportunities. The future of our country is dependent upon the quality of education we provide.

1. Transportation policy focused on equitable access, safety, reduced traffic congestion and sustainable models that can be replicated, especially in topographically diverse regions such as the 7th Congressional District;
2. Pervasive water quality problems ranging from water treatment facilities, runoff, decaying and outdated pipes, and contaminants in tap water;
3. The “digital divide” must be conquered so that all citizens of our district have affordable broadband internet access. This disparity has coalesced rural citizens, minorities, lower income individuals and seniors into an underserved and frequently overlooked group of residents of our district.

Climate change:
Low income Americans pay a greater percentage of their income on basic essentials such as food, housing, day care and transportation. Adequate heating and air conditioning have less availability and affordability to urban, economically challenged families in Baltimore. To combat this inequity I plan to:
1. Increase awareness and promote preparedness for extreme weather conditions;
2. Vote for viable clean air, clean water and renewable energy legislation;
3. Advocate for clean energy and recycling job training programs in impacted communities of need;
4. Collaborate with community leaders to encourage the replacement of demolished building sites with green spaces, urban farms and shade trees.
Getting to know you:
People from all over the state have asked me why I am running and to them my answer is simple: just like Lamar Jackson, I like running! In fact, I run every day around the Inner Harbor and throughout the towns in this district. Daily running keeps me healthy and allows me to observe this district. I’ve watched the homeless population rise, the number of successful small businesses decline, and the high crime rate remain steady. When I run down main street in Ellicott City, I see a town that still needs help rebuilding. When I run down Divided Sky Lane in Columbia, MD, I see fantastic entertainment and restaurants that need to be connected to the city via public transportation. And when I run through the beautiful horse country in Sparks, MD I see hardworking Marylanders who do their part and pay their taxes, but aren’t receiving a fair share from the government.

Maryland remains one of a handful of states that continually pay more in federal taxes than they receive back in aid from the federal government. That disparity shows all around this district when we look at our transportation system, the addiction crisis, and our schools.

Every Sunday as I watch the Ravens win, I am constantly reminded about the commitment this country has made to our troops. As I nod my head in thanks because I was the son of one of the original Tuskegee Airman, I can’t help but think that if we can treat our troops well, why can’t we do the same for our teachers, nurses and police officers? I believe we can, and that support starts with ensuring young men and women that we will take care of their student loans in exchange for their commitment to serve us.

In 2000, I went with Justice A. Leon Higginbotham to South Africa and stood side-by-side with Nelson Mandela fighting Apartheid. I also studied the South African economy. Today I compare the wealth distribution in the United States to what I saw in South Africa during Apartheid and see that in the United States we have an 18-1 wealth distribution ratio between whites and African Americans, that is a greater distribution of wealth than what existed in South Africa during Apartheid.

Lastly, I will say, if you haven’t guessed already, that I am a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and have several superstitions that include only watching the games in one place and calling all the plays. Even though I live around the corner from the stadium, I never go to the games. There are too many distractions and my team needs me focused. I love this city and this team. Go Ravens!

Top issues:
(1) I have committed myself to the future of this country for over 30 years. I started teaching at University Baltimore Law School in 1988 and have taught over 6,000 young lawyers in Maryland. Because of that experience, the number one issue for my campaign is to create a better future for the next generation of leaders: our students. With that focus the top of my legislative agenda will be focused on reducing the student debt burden by capping interest rates on loans, as well as leading the charge on reducing the skyrocketing costs of tuition.
(2) My years of teaching have focused on issues relating to injustice and equality. I am deeply saddened by the discourse in this country lately around race and gender equality issues. That discourse needs to change from attacking people to working together to create legislation that will close the tremendous wealth and equality gap.
(3) I believe we are in the middle of a mental health crisis in this country. That the lack of affordable mental health treatment is at the root of many issues plaguing our nation, including drug addiction and our enormous prison population. I believe that if we focus the health care debate on providing affordable mental health treatment to all Americans, we can reach an agreement with the other side, and finally begin to make real progress in those areas.

Climate change:
In order to achieve long-term tangible change in Baltimore, it will take comprehensive federal policy working in conjunction with state and local governments. I have been teaching, writing and speaking about wealth distribution for decades, but not until I read the Code Red Study did I learn about how global warming disproportionally effects the poor and minorities. I am a firm supporter of the Green New Deal and I follow many of the studies and work being done at the Baltimore Aquarium on long- term climate change.

I would support legislation that (1) drives progress towards harnessing energy from infinite sources such as the sun, tidal forces, and wind; (2) requires states receive energy from 100% renewable sources, especially government entities; (3) requires manufactures of energy consuming devices to become more efficient, everything from coffee machines to cars; (4) funds programs such as the Natural Gas STAR Program; (5) caps carbon and methane emissions, and (5) most simply, I believe we should have stricter penalties for pollution, and more funding for tree planting.

Getting to know you:
I’m a fierce advocate. Growing up, my parents taught me to stick up for others and fight for what I believe in. They pushed me to work hard, and to value education. It was that spirit that helped get me to and through Harvard and Columbia Medical School and that same spirit that pushed me into public service. I’ve lived here for 50 years, I went to public school here, and I’ve built my business here. But a few years ago, I realized that I could no longer fight for those who were losing ground from the sidelines. That is why I ran for House of Delegates.

And in the years since my election in 2014, the problems of rising health costs, environmental threats, growing disparities, loss of employment security and opportunities, unsustainable debt, criminal justice reform, and increasing education costs and social inequity have only gotten worse, I needed to step up my game and enter the frontlines then and I am called to level up now. I went to Annapolis to fight for my neighbors, my patients, and the next generation and that is exactly why I’m running for Congress. You can learn more about me and about my legislative record at:

Top issues:
1. Healthcare. Even when people have insurance coverage, the out of control cost of premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and prescription drugs are killing them. The back and forth in Washington doesn’t help and has far too many worried about getting any kind of coverage at all. I will be able to contribute constructively to Congress finding a solution that works. I have experienced America’s health care system from every side – as a patient, legislator, caregiver, family member and physician. That unique experience will continue to inform my legislative work as I take my fight to ensure that every person has access to quality, affordable healthcare, including mental healthcare, to the federal level. I will also continue my work to reduce prescription drug costs, facilitate the development of new, promising solutions to addiction through clinical research, and as only the second female doctor in Congress, I would keep up the fight for reproductive health and abortion rights.

2. Every American is afforded basic rights by our Constitution, but those rights are under daily attack by the Trump Administration, some members of Congress and even some in the judiciary. As Congresswoman, I will lead the fight to reestablish the civil rights protections that have been eroded and erased by this administration, to ensure no voter is disenfranchised, every person is treated justly by our legal system and the fundamental American values of equity, opportunity, fairness and respect for human dignity are upheld.

3. There aren’t many scientists in Congress, which may be why we have all been forced to suffer through years of anti-science policies passed by climate change deniers. As a scientist, I see the evidence of climate change to be overwhelming and alarming. In Congress I will employ facts and data to pursue right-sized solutions to address this generational problem. I will also push for policies that encourage future generations to acquire the analytical skills necessary to solve problems and compete in a 21st century economy.

Climate change:
Climate change is an environmental justice issue that unfairly burdens poor and urban communities causing higher rates of chronic health conditions, such as asthma, and contributing to rising heat-related mortality. I am committed to ensuring that federal investments and funding are commensurate with the need, reflect a correction for the disproportionate burden borne by these communities over multiple generations, and are committed for the many years required to effect the needed changes and sustained results.

In October I filed a joint resolution asking the General Assembly of Maryland to officially declare a climate emergency, the first step needed for rapid response. We must take action now, in order to survive climate change and address its disproportionate impact on our poor and urban communities. In Congress, I will continue and expand my legislative initiatives to address the root causes of climate change and address its impact including to: decrease energy consumption; reduce emissions; conserve forests; add tree canopy and improve water quality.

Getting to know you:
I have been a public servant for most of my life, first as a medical doctor, and then working with various non profits and community organization, and then, for the past 5+ years, as an elected official representing a minority majority legislative district in Baltimore County. My re-election last year with one of highest vote totals in Maryland is a testament to the respect my constituents have for my hard work and dedication towards improving their lives. If elected to replace my longtime friend and mentor, Congressman Elijah Cummings, I would work as hard for the people of my Congressional District as I have for those in my Legislative District to improve education, reduce crime and bring better job opportunities to them.

Top issues:
Reduce crime in the District, especially in Baltimore City, by investing in education, vocational training and small businesses, so our youth have a path to better life.

Climate change:
I would support the "Green New Deal". The U.S. could create millions of good American jobs in clean and renewable energy, infrastructure, and manufacturing. We should directly confront the racial and economic inequality embedded in the traditional fossil fuel economy.

We should also:
-Invest in sustainable, resilient infrastructure.
-Reduce our carbon footprint in every sector of our economy, including electricity and transportation.
-Stop giving huge tax breaks to the big oil and gas companies.
-Move away from coal, one of our nation's biggest polluters
-Fund more green energy research, and use tax credits to incentivize the private sector to create new green technology jobs in hard-hit urban areas. These companies could then produce made clean, renewable, emission-free energy products for use by both the public and private sectors.
-Raise taxes on billionaires and use those funds to help the private sector transition to clean and renewable electricity, zero emission vehicles, and green products for commercial and residential buildings.
-Insist on stronger CAFE standards, with significant fines for any company selling vehicles that fail to meet those standards, and use those funds to provide additional incentives to automakers to build new plants in hard-hit urban areas.
-Tax the exportation of crude oil and use those funds to encourage clean energy job creation in our nation's urban cores, too.

Getting to know you:
I have the education and experience to address the critical issues. B.A., M.B.A. (Finance and Investments), and J.D. (focus on environmental law). Life member of the Sierra Club and have served as a Park Ranger at Crater Lake National Park. Expertise in environmental law.

Finance professor with the University of Maryland Global Campus, where I teach business finance and personal finance. As a supervisory accountant at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, I negotiated final administrative cost proposals (millions of dollars), referred debt (billions of dollars) to the U.S. Treasury Department, and maintained internal controls for the second largest agency in the Federal Government.

“Officer and a Gentleman”—twenty-four years in the U.S. Navy (retired as Captain). Four years as a Commanding Officer in the Naval Reserve and demonstrated team building skills and leadership ability.

Top issues:
Climate change: If we do not solve this problem—and solve it relatively quickly—we might not survive to solve the other problems.

Financial responsibility: Government deficits approaching one trillion dollars ($984 billion in fiscal year 2019, which was $205 billion more than in the previous year) are irresponsible and must end. We should have budget surpluses (as we did under President Clinton) during good economic times so that temporary deficits can see us through future recessions.

Civil discourse: Rather than two sides (political left and right) yelling at one another, we should address any problems in a thoughtful manner, without resorting to name-calling. One can disagree without being disagreeable.

Climate change:
With regard to Baltimore, if elected, I will introduce legislation to provide federal funding to:
--replace dark-colored roofs with white or “cool roofs” that reflect sunlight, which will reduce both indoor and outdoor temperatures.
--replace asphalt and concrete sidewalks and alleys with more porous materials to maximize the effectiveness of storm drains and protect the Inner Harbor from pollution
--plant large numbers of shade trees throughout the city. I will not support new highway funding until mass transit needs are met first (for example, the Red Line or a suitable replacement).
I will be a reliable supporter to community and city leaders and institutions such as the National Aquarium to promote necessary actions to address the issue.

In general, we need massive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. We must move rapidly to meet the 2015 Paris Climate Accord of holding global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).
Getting to know you:
a) Having been an active participant in the Democrat Party for most of my life, I grew extremely frustrated by the lack of sustainable solutions offered by the establishment specifically as it relates to urban and rural communities and working class (and ought to be working) families. Many people have given up on politics all together. But I wasn’t willing to give up or assume that this was just how it’ll be. Becoming an independent at the start of my first congressional race in 2016 allowed me to open my mind and heart to considering becoming a republican and embracing conservative principles. After securing the 2018 republican nomination for the adjacent district and receiving almost 78,000 votes in the general election, voters in our region know that we can make a positive difference through unique perspective that I am able to offer. Even though every thinks that a Democrat is going to win this seat by default, I think that voters are more awake now than ever before and can see through empty promises and socialist indoctrination.

b) I’d also like voters to know that I’m a born again Christian having accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour about one year ago (November 30, 2018). Just like my political metamorphosis, I had no idea I would become an evangelist until I became an evangelist. Perhaps in the similar vein, I was longing for truth. Having survived an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist, I felt like I had nothing left. So when one of the voters invited me to her church during early voting last summer, I accepted the invitation. I started attending church more regularly, reading The Bible (King James Version) on my own, and listening closer to sermons. I was raised Catholic so I thought I knew everything I needed to know about Christianity. But nothing compares to accepting a personal relationship to Jesus. Before it was just words, but now it’s a great honor and responsibility to be a sister in Christ. I do still “get in my flesh”, but I am so much more aware of our role on earth, the existence of evil and the power of Good, that I am laser focused on recalibrating our reliance on God and not the government. I do believe that we suffer from persistent issues in society because we have walked away from our Christian values.

Top issues:
Ending Human Trafficking
Ending Generational Poverty proliferated by the welfare state
Ending American Genocide by the Abortion industry

Climate change:
It won’t be a surprise to your readers that I do not support the climate change lobby at all. I am extremely skeptical when any consensus leads to less individual rights and liberty. Most of the solutions offered by the climate change lobby are “watermelons” – Green on the outside but Red (actually communist) on the inside. People will only realize this fact when they see how much individual liberty is sacrificed to reach the perceived ends. Sterilization, depopulation, and miseducation has already come to pass in our society. Climate change is just something to mobilize the masses.

Having said that, I appreciate the collaborative effort between community and private entities. I think that the solutions should come from the civil society and neighbors helping neighbors. Not the government. Economic incentives could be a solution offered by state entities and the beautification and cleanup efforts should have been done by public works already. Formal audits of departments, housing authorities, and non-profits could lead to finding answers for where the money has gone over the decades.

The existence of food deserts, environmental toxicity, and urban blight have nothing to do with “climate change” and more to do with cronyism and corruption. Both can actually be addressed by the electorate immediately through electing representatives who are not beholden to the powerbrokers. But, more likely than not, money will control the voices of the people and the population will suffer while being distracted by counterfeit claims of “climate change”.

Getting to know you:
Voters should know that I am a person who has never let societal barriers or life’s setbacks deter me from pursuing my passion for public service and making positive contributions to society. Today’s divisive political environment calls out for leadership to provide clarity of vision and certainty purpose for how our policies will bring people together and positively impact the lives of ordinary Americans.

I am a consensus builder and believe common sense, bi-partisan solutions must be found to promote quality education for our nation’s future; affordable health care for our families and seniors; and safe neighborhoods so every citizen has an opportunity to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Top issues:
Education, Health Care and Public Safety/Safe Neighborhoods

Climate change:
Growing up in Baltimore City I recognize the impact of heat and the environment on the health of low income communities. Therefore, the Capital News Service climate change investigations shed light on a long standing environmental justice issue in the Black community. If elected, I would work with the Maryland Congressional Delegation, state and local leaders to increase green spaces in low-income communities and plant as many trees as possible.

I would also look for funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and local developers to promote the use of lighter, durable building materials that hold less heat than has been used in past development projects. Also, I would encourage rooftop greening efforts to decrease heat and carbon pollutants. I would also work with the Department of Transportation to promote the use of permeable sidewalk and road surface material to help absorb water and reflect less heat. Addressing Baltimore’s history of housing segregation is a more protracted and systemic problem.

I have long supported the enforcement of housing desegregation laws and the development of mixed-income housing. If court challenges are needed to end housing segregation then public officials and public interest groups should unite in pursuit of that goal.

Getting to know you: The voters needs to know that I’m honest, and I believe we can change Baltimore to be more self sufficient. The future of district 7 belongs to the new generations, it’s our duty to give them the best education, best training so they can succeed. They need to understand how to build generational wealth and not depending on our system.

Top issues: My 3 points I want to focus on are.
1. Education.
3. Ending homelessness and making sure affordable homes are available.

Climate change: As for the climate change. I did not see your report but from my point of view we have to understand that the impact it’s huge. Jobs can be affected, the sea life, high waters, the cost of electric to keep homes more cold in the summer and hot in the winter. I believe that we need to focus more on green energy and green jobs.

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