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Nov. 4, 2021

Goucher College released its latest poll results last week, with survey questions that touched on the COVID-19 pandemic, hot-button topics like abortion and leader performance in the country and state.

The Goucher College Poll focuses on the opinions of Maryland residents, with students from the college assisting in research questions, surveying and analyzing the questions. The test sample included 700 Maryland residents.

In order to make sure all Maryland residents are represented in the poll, surveyors used a method called random digit dialing, which works with a “county-level stratified sample” using cell phone numbers and landlines.

The poll was released in three parts. Below, the Capital News Service pulled several poll questions to see how your opinions compare to poll responses from the Maryland general public.

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When do you expect that Marylanders will be able to fully return to their normal, pre-COVID lives?

You’re really going against the grain! Only Five percent of Marylanders surveyed the same.

You’re kind of alone on that one... Only 5 percent of Marylanders surveyed the same.

Some people agree with you. 15 percent of Marylanders also chose this response.

You have a lot of people on your side. 28 percent of Marylanders chose this response

You’re with the majority, though not by much. 29 percent surveyed the same.

Your cynicism is shared by more than you might think. 16 percent also believe this is forever.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Maryland in early March. Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency on March 5, 2020 when three Maryland residents were confirmed positive for coronavirus.

Things happened quickly after that: places began to shut down, schools moved to a virtual environment and by the end of the month, Hogan issued a stay at home order. In April, the mask mandate was put in place.

The Goucher Poll found, in addition to what Marylanders are predicting for the future, that 79 percent of Marylanders approved of how Hogan handled the pandemic. Last year, 82 percent approved.

The state has come a long way since March 2020. As we inch towards two years in a global pandemic, we now have vaccines and booster shots, and places have been opening up with some caveats.

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If you’re vaccinated, have you limited the in-person time you’ve spent with friends, family, or acquaintances who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 over the past few months?

You’re in the majority.67 percent percent of Marylanders have also been avoiding interaction.

You’re in the minority. 30 percent of Marylanders haven’t been limiting their time.

As of Nov. 2, roughly 66. 7 percent of Marylanders are vaccinated against COVID-19. Eight-six percent have received at least one dose. The state has been vaccinating since Dec. 2020 and booster shots were recently introduced to the public.

But the vaccine has been a point of controversy since it came out, particularly when institutions, like the University System of Maryland, began mandating the vaccine. However, there is no state mandate.

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Do you think abortion should be legal?

44 percent of Marylanders agree with you. But opinion is also split.

44 percent of Marylanders agree with you. But opinion is also split.

You’re in the minority on this one. Only 10 percent of Marylanders say it should be illegal.

Due to Roe v. Wade, abortions in Maryland are legal. The state also put in place extra protections for women in case Roe v. Wade were to be overturned. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research gave Maryland a grade of “A-” in terms of reproductive rights for women.

The state also has other laws that prevent clinic violence, fining $1,000 or imprisoning an individual for up to 90 days if they try to prevent another from entering or exiting an abortion clinic.

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Is Maryland more of a northern state or more of a southern state?

Not as controversial as you might think! 65 percent percent of Marylanders said more north.

This is not a very popular opinion. 27 percent percent of Marylanders feel the state is more Southern.

Maryland has always walked a fine line between northern and southern states since the Civil War. According to the Maryland State Archives, Maryland during the Civil War shared more culture with southern states, but in terms of values, it leaned toward the Union in the northern states.

Ultimately, Maryland did side with the Union. However, Maryland’s identification as a southern or northern state has never been solidified. It truly depends on who you ask, just as the Goucher Poll shows.

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How interested are you in visiting a Maryland state park during the next year?

You must love the outdoors! And you’re not alone, since 51 percent of Marylanders also surveyed the same.

You’re not a connoisseur but you appreciate nature. 33 percent also chose this response.

Go outside and get some fresh air. Only 16 percent of Marylanders don’t want to explore the nature of the state.

Maryland has over 60 state parks open to visitors. The state has a wide variety of parks: dense forests, beautiful waterfalls, ones with a seaside view and the Appalachian trail for those looking to hike.

With such a variety, National Geographic Magazine dubbed Maryland as “America in Miniature”. The top three visited parks in the state, according to the Baltimore Sun, are Assateague State Park, Gunpowder Falls State Park and Patapsco Valley State Park.

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