Opening up University of Maryland
police logs

This online dashboard allows you to examine the University of Maryland Police Department’s arrest report ledgers.
It scrapes the department’s website every morning and aggregates data from the arrest logs into one source. Explore patterns by year, incident type and race below.


The University of Maryland Police Department publishes daily crime and incident logs , which provide basic information on all calls for service the police department responds to, and arrest report ledgers, which provides basic information on arrests and citations.

Capital News Service built a web scraper to download and aggregate this data daily and display it on this dashboard. See the GitHub repository — which runs the scraper and archives the data — here.

If a service call results in an arrest or citation, then the UMPD case number will appear in the arrest ledger. In order to classify the primary type of the arrest/citation, the crime and incident log is joined to the arrest ledger by UMPD case number. However, if the case number is not included in the crime and incident log, its type is classified as "NA". A UMPD case number that appears in the arrest ledger could have multiple charges that differ from the single classification in the crime and incident log.

Site credits:

Nick McMillan and Aadit Tambe


University of Maryland, College Park Police Department