Alexander Ovechkin's Quick Rise to Become Washington Capitals' Franchise Points Leader
By Tommy Chalk
Capital News Service

Alexander Ovechkin became the Washington Capitals' franchise leader in points on Tuesday night against the Calgary flames, passing the 825 point mark set by Peter Bondra in 2004. Ovechkin averaged 1.2 points per game, scoring 827 points in 691 games, compared to Bondra's average of .86 points per game over 961 games.

But Ovechkin's frantic pace cannot compare toWayne Gretzky's performance to become the Edmonton Oilers' points leader. He averaged an incredible 2.4 points per game over 696 games from 1979-1988 before being traded to the L.A. Kings.

The graph below compares the trajectory of each NHL team's franchise leader. Steeper slopes indicate that a player scored more points in a shorter period of time. Click and drag over the graph to zoom in on a specific period. Mouseover to view details for each player.