Minorities, Poor Underrepresented in Ranks of Dually Enrolled Students

By Alex Bayline
Though African-American students make up about 38 percent of the total public school student body in Maryland, only 20 percent of high school students who are dually enrolled in college courses are African-American. Hispanics, other racial minorities and poorer students who qualify for free and reduced price meals are also underrepresented. White students -- especially white women -- are much more likely to be enrolled in college courses while in high school.

In Maryland, Rural Counties Take More Advantage of Dual Enrollment Opportunities

The percentage of high school students dually enrolled in college courses varies greatly across Maryland's school systems. During the 2013-14 school year, Washington County on the Eastern Shore had the highest percentage of high school students taking college courses, with 28 percent of the student body doing so. Only 3 percent of students were dually enrolled in Baltimore City and Prince George's County - the lowest percentages in the state.