8 Photos That Prove Barbara Mikulski and Hillary Clinton are #SquadGoals

By Ann Parangot
July 26, 2016

COLLEGE PARK -- From Hillary Clinton’s time as First Lady, to the U.S. Senate and her campaigns for president, there has been one woman by her side: Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who formally nominated her for president at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday. These eight photos show how much these 'BFFs' and pioneering politicians love hanging out together.

1) They rally around each other

2) Their admiration and respect for one another is obvious

3) Mikulski occasionally looks like she moonlights as Clinton's personal bodyguard

4) They don’t mind ‘breaking it down’ in public

5) They’ve been by each other’s side since the beginning

6) They have girl talk with coffee drinking and finger pointing

7) They don’t have to be next to each other to know their friendship is strong

8) They show enthusiasm in different ways, but they’ll always be together