People in hottest parts of Baltimore are poorer, don't live as long

Temperatures across Baltimore can vary widely on a hot summer afternoon, according to a federally-funded study that took block-by-block temperature readings in August 2018. People who live in the hottest parts of the city are more likely to be poor, to live shorter lives, and to experience higher rates of violent crime and unemployment.

BY Adam Marton


Percent of families living below the poverty line.

Life span

Average life span of area residents.


Rates of violent crime per 1,000 residents.


Unemployment rates among residents.

Sources: Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance 2017 demographic data; Urban heat island assesssment of Baltimore on August 29, 2018 by researchers at Portland State University in Oregon and the Science Museum of Virginia. Data analysis by Roxanne Ready, Sean Mussenden and Adam Marton.