Maryland legislators disappointed with Trump’s State of the Union address

WASHINGTON – Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers were cold to President Donald Trump’s call for unity in Tuesday’s State of the Union, saying it failed to break any new ground. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Mechanicsville, said he didn’t want to call…

Ellicott City: Historic Town, Historic Water – Podcast Episode Seven

Episode Seven: Belling the cat (Run time: 31:10) Synopsis: We have a conversation with hydrologist Jason Elliott of NOAA about rain conditions preceding a flash flood. We also speak with Howard County’s director of emergency management, Ryan Miller, about emergency…

Maryland taking steps aimed at addressing climate change

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – While the Trump administration’s report last month detailing the effects of rising global temperatures said Maryland had begun feeling the consequences of climate change, lawmakers and state agencies already are taking steps aimed at combating it. From…

Pipeline protesters take frustrations to Hogan’s doorstep

Scores of environmentalists gathered Thursday night in Annapolis to protest a “Potomac Pipeline,” citing inaction on the part of the state in properly vetting the environmental impact of a project that would transport fracked natural gas under the Potomac River.

Congressional Democrats vow to keep U.S. in the fight against carbon emissions

The United States is the only member of the United Nations to reject the Paris Climate Agreement. Congressional democrats, including Maryland Senator Ben Cardin and Congressman Steny Hoyer, say this could not only be detrimental to the planet, but to America’s economy and national security, too.

Is Maryland ready for the next big storm?

WASHINGTON — In Maryland, which has historically ducked many of the worst storms of the last 50 years, the question is increasingly not if but when the next big one will strike. And while some believe the state has often…

Lawmakers blast Trump budget cutting Chesapeake Bay cleanup

WASHINGTON – Lawmakers from states surrounding the Chesapeake Bay on Wednesday expressed bipartisan criticism of President Donald Trump’s proposal to end federal support for cleaning up Chesapeake Bay. “The president’s budget that would zero out the Chesapeake Bay Program is…

Trump moves cast cloud over climate change work in Maryland

WASHINGTON – Maryland state officials and the Environmental Protection Agency have worked to restore the Chesapeake Bay and combat climate change over the past eight years, but uncertainty surrounds the future of these policies as a new administration enters the…

Efforts ramp up in Maryland to bring back vanishing state insect

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — When Wayne Skinner started volunteering at Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County five years ago, he expected to see orange-and-black-spotted Baltimore checkerspot butterflies flying around the park.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS: Peak bloom arrives early this year

One of Washington’s biggest spring attractions is blooming a bit earlier than usual. The peak bloom for cherry blossoms is happening a few weeks early possibly due to climate change.