The Lab D.C. Highlights Break Dancing in the DMV

It’s the first school in the DMV area to focus on break dancing, and the rhythm and style combine to take this form of dancing to another level.

Prince George’s County Kicks off Pothole Blitz

They make your car bounce, sometimes you swerve to avoid them, other times you aren’t so lucky. Yes, we’re talking about potholes, and plenty of them. Today Prince Georges County’s Department of Public Works set out to smooth things over, launching their “Pothole Blitz.”

Maryland’s ACLU Advocates for Police Accountability Legislation

Before the House of Delegate’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony on police reform legislation, the ACLU and local activists met to support tougher policy.

Montgomery County Executive Leggett hosts budget forum

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett hosted three budget forums to get input from residents before submitting his budget for fiscal year 2017.

University of Maryland works to clear snow from campus following blizzard

The University of Maryland facilities management worked long hours to remove 22 inches of snow from campus so that classes could get underway.

Republican Presidential Candidates Seek Support from Jewish Voters

Republican presidential candidates work hard to win the Jewish vote.

Maryland State Police Respond to Fiscal Audit

The Maryland State Police found itself in hot water after a fiscal compliance report found that there were problems with money and gun regulations.

Elementary Schoolers Learn About Gas Leaks

Elementary schoolers learned about gas safety from Marvel comic books.

Massage Therapists Give Free Massages to People in Need

Montgomery County’s Homeless Resource Day featured many services available to homeless residents. Among them, local massage therapists serviced people in possibly the most important way.

MAINSTREAM MUSLIM: Members of the Muslim Community Denounce ISIS

The local Muslim community is working to make it clear that their religion is not the one represented by the terrorists responsible for the deadly assault in Paris.