Campus Guns: House considers a weapons ban on Maryland college campuses

Maryland lawmakers consider legislation banning guns and other weapons on public college campuses around the state.

Maryland Legislature Passes State Budget, But Some Spending Uncertainty Remains

The Maryland General Assembly passed the state’s $40.7 billion budget.

Maryland State Budget Unanimously Passes Through Senate

Senate members started wildly applauding, cheering and whistling as the 46-0 vote lit up the board, marking the official passage of the state budget through the chamber.

Old Testament, New Law: Marylanders May Find Forgiveness in ‘Second Chance’ Bill

Marylanders with nonviolent criminal records might not have to part the seas to have a second chance, thanks to a state Senate bill designed to allow them to shield certain offenses from their records after a period of no criminal activity.

‘Augustine’ Commission Recommends New Secretary Position, Other Business-Friendly Measures

A state commission recommended Thursday that Maryland lawmakers create a Cabinet-level position to oversee state agencies connected to commerce and change the perception that Maryland is unfriendly to businesses.

Maryland’s Judiciary Focuses on Digitizing Courts, Helping Children, Elderly

Maryland Appeals Court Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera described the state’s judicial system as “doing well,” and highlighted drug courts, embracing technology and helping children and the elderly as priorities.

The Mystery of Senate Bill 129: Baltimore City Senator Introduces Bill To Stop Desecration of Human Remains

Was it grave robbing, cemetery vandalism or something more serious that inspired a bill to criminalize desecration of human remains?

Maryland Rally for Renewable Energy

Supporters rally in front of the Maryland State House, Wednesday, calling for increased standards for clean energy.

Maryland’s General Assembly Opens with 69 New Faces, More Power for GOP

More than a third of the legislators at Wednesday’s opening of Maryland’s General Assembly were newly elected, the most sworn in at one time in recent memory, House Speaker Michael Busch, D-Anne Arundel, said during the inaugural legislative session.

Lobbyists Push for Alternative Medicine in Maryland Legislation

As Maryland lawmakers work this year to overhaul regulation of health insurance coverage, lobbyists for the Maryland Acupuncture Society are working to make sure they cover alternative treatments.