Hoyer Apologizes for Calling McCarthy a ‘Coward’ in DHS Shutdown Debate

Rep. Steny Hoyer apologized Friday for calling House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “coward” Thursday night, the peak of a week of strong rhetoric from Hoyer as Democrats and Republicans sparred over homeland security funding and immigration policy.

Emotional Veterans Flood the WWII Memorial

Veterans from every branch of the military came together to fight for both an end to the shutdown and for their benefits.

Millions Affected by Shutdown Try to Get Their Lives Back to ‘Normal’

Congress and the President have come to a compromise, at least for now, ending the 16-day shutdown stalemate and leaving the millions affected to start picking up the pieces.

Angry Protesters Demand an End to Shutdown

Angry furloughed workers and members of Congress gathered on Capitol Hill to voice their frustrations.

Scientists Deal with Shutdown Fallout, Fear for Future Research

Scientists are scrambling to recover after the government shutdown forced their research to go dark and cut off federal funding for weeks. And the already beleaguered scientific community fears that another shutdown in January could be devastating.

Furloughed NASA Goddard Employees Back to Work

With the government shutdown over, life is returning to normal for employees at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Legislation to Boost Brewing Industry Stalls

Many small breweries, including Union Craft Brewery in Baltimore, are trying to push forward legislation that would provide an economic boost to the industry.

Maryland Schools Scramble to Save Field Trips After Government Shutdown

Maryland schools scrambled to reschedule field trips this week after the government shutdown closed the Smithsonian, the National Zoo and other popular federal attractions.

What Does a Government Shutdown Look Like?

Washington in photographs on the second day of the government shutdown.