Maryland Governor Larry Hogan accuses WMATA Board Chairman of “extortion”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on Wednesday charged Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority chairman Jack Evans with making unprecedented demands in order to give the state easements for Metro’s Purple Line.

METRO DISPARITIES: Proposed plan to study impact of projects postponed a month

WASHINGTON — The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments met to discuss a proposed map that identifies areas throughout the region that have high populations of low income or minority groups. The goal of the proposal is to address transportation access…

Metro chief promises improvements in the year ahead

WMATA General Manager Paul Wiedefeld gave his “State of the Metro” at the National Press Club. He discussed ongoing efforts to improve safety, service reliability, and financial health.

Metro’s chief promises fewer delays, nicer ride soon

WASHINGTON – Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld on Wednesday said the system will double the number of new cars in service by next year, a move that will improve safety and reduce delays. RELATED STORY: Metro chief promises improvements in…

Metro riders speak out on cuts to hours

Metro riders got their chance to speak out about proposed cuts to metro hours and how it will affect them at a WMATA public hearing.

Metro considers fare hikes to fix budget deficit

The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority is seeing red – and lots of it. Metro says it may look to its riders to help fill in the gap for its multi-million dollar budget shortfall.

Poor Promotion Cited On Annual Car-Free Commuting Day

Thousands of commuters from Maryland make their way into the District of Columbia daily for their jobs. This week, drivers were asked to find another method of transportation as part of International Car Free Day. But participation may have been limited because of a lack of publicity.

At Some P.G. County Metro Stations, Majority of Nighttime Riders are Below Poverty Line

Metro leaders are considering cutting late night operating hours that could disproportionately affect people below the poverty line.

Metro’s Potential Service Hour Cuts Aren’t Popular with Twitter

A shortened schedule could drastically affect workers’ ability to travel to and from work at night and in the morning, among other things.

Streetcars, Once Nearly Extinct, Are Enjoying a Comeback

Washington is one of several U.S. cities adopting “second generation” streetcars.