Legislators Push for Equal Pay For Women

Maryland’s State Senate considers legislation that supporters say will close loopholes and guarantee equal pay for equal work.

Educational Gender Gap Is Changing Around the World, New Study Finds

Women make up the majority of higher education degree-holders, study finds.

Apprenticeships Should Be in Every Zip Code: Labor Secretary Thomas Perez

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said Tuesday that apprenticeships are the need of the hour and should grow in all sectors, especially in the fields of health care, technology and cyber security.

Maryland’s Women’s Caucus Welcomes First Male Legislators

For the first time in its 43 year history, the Women Legislators of Maryland Caucus has male legislators seated around the table.

A Call for Congress to Support Gender Equality in the Workplace

Advocates and congresswomen push for laws and policies for equality for women in the workplace.

Trading Stilettos for Shoulder Pads

WASHINGTON- The D.C. Divas are a full tackle professional women’s football team. This group of elite female athletes proves that when it comes to breaking barriers, they tackle them head on.

Baltimore Nighthawks Women’s Football Team Tackles Stereotypes

Football is traditionally viewed as a man’s game. The Baltimore Nighthawks, the city’s professional football team for women, are challenging that stereotype.

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds, Democrats Say

Democratic Congressional leaders announce a new women’s economic agenda.

Maryland Delegation Puts Women First

The Maryland delegation put women’s issues at the forefront of its agenda Wednesday with the reintroduction of both the Violence Against Women Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Maryland Stands Out With High Percentage of Women Managers

Stephanie Cohen, CEO of Golden & Cohen, a Gaithersburg-based insurance brokerage firm, for 23 years, and Ann Mitchell, CEO of Montgomery Hospice in Rockville for 14 years, are the facts behind the statistics: More women in Maryland worked as managers relative to other states in 2010.