French Violence Poses Conundrum to Local Travelers

After the weekend’s violence in Paris, local students and travelers were faced with a tough decision on whether or not to travel to France or not.

Baltimore Business Prepares to Help Community

A booming Baltimore business is giving back to the community.

Howard County Creates Way to Dispose of Old American Flags

If you want to dispose of an old American flag properly, all you have to do is bring it to the dump. Howard County has become the first jurisdiction in Maryland to offer a flag retirement program. It’s the result of a joint project between the County and a local American Legion Post.

Montgomery County Police Crack Down on Pedestrian Safety Measures

Police crack down on public safety law violators along and on Montgomery County’s roads.

Montgomery County Styrofoam Ban Aims to Help Environment

It’s a commonly used material, but beginning next year, you won’t see it if you get your food-to-go or take a doggie bag home in Montgomery County because of a ban approved by the County Council.

NOAA Discusses New Disaster Relief Techniques

NOAA has new ways to predict and cope with natural disasters.

Congress Demands Improvement in Public Housing

Congress wants to see an improvement in public housing conditions in the U.S.

Looted Rite Aid Reopens in Baltimore

Baltimore’s infamous looted Rite Aid reopened today. @mattbylis

Chinese man traveling through 24 countries on three wheels pedals through Maryland

ROCKVILLE — Chen Guan Ming, a 59-year-old Chinese man who decided to travel to Brazil on three wheels to promote Olympic spirit and peace, makes a stop in Maryland during his multi-nation journey.

Craft Distilling on the Rise in Maryland

Craft distilling will soon be big business in Maryland.