Website Calls Out Authors of Racist Anti-Obama Posts

The blog, which included calls to assassinate President Barack Obama, could draw the attention of the U.S. Secret Service.

Timeline: President Obama’s Most Notable Speeches

President Obama has given many speeches in his career as a politician and tonight’s speech will be one of his biggest to date. Here is a timeline highlighting his past notable speeches.

Storify: Maryland’s Reaction To Clinton’s Speech

Bill Clinton took the stage Wednesday night to support the president. Here’s what the Republicans and Democrats from Maryland thought of the speech.

Storify: Gov. Martin O’Malley Set to Speak to DNC

After crashing the Republican convention in Tampa last week, Gov. Martin O’Malley will speak Tuesday night just before First Lady Michelle Obama.

Supreme Court Hears Second Day of Debate on Health Care Bill

Tuesday marked another day of serious debate at the Supreme Court as justices heard arguments on the constitutionality of President Obama’s health care bill. It was the second of three days of arguments over the bill, which represents the most time spent on debating a bill in more than 40 years.

President Obama Tells Students to Take On Clean Energy Jobs

In his speech to students at the Prince George’s Community College, President Barack Obama stressed the importance of clean energy jobs, and said that community colleges are in a unique position to prepare students to take them on.

Local groups concerned about proposed cuts to beach grants

Maryland groups worry about a proposal in President Obama’s 2013 budget that could eliminate federal funding for monitoring water quality at the beaches.

Silver Spring Teen Enjoys Honors at Obama’s White House Science Fair

Jacen Sherman, a 15-year-old sophomore at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, attended The White House Science Fair Tuesday. The ceremony honored science, technology, engineering and math competition winners nationwide.

Maryland Representatives See Positives in President’s Job Plan

Most Maryland representatives on Thursday said they were skeptical that a bipartisan agreement on President Obama’s jobs plan could be reached. But there is a glimmer of consensus.