Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Change Military Sexual Assault Case Procedures

Four current and former members of the U.S. Air Force and Army filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday seeking to prevent military officers known to be involved in creating sexually hostile environments to be appointed as convening authorities in rape and sexual assault cases.

House Committee Hears Bills on Decriminalization, Legalization of Marijuana

Other Bills Would Change College Sexual Assault Policies, Reform Rape-Kit Processing

Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler Issues University Sexual Misconduct Report

Maryland’s top lawyer presents a plan of action saying it’s time to step up awareness about the problem of sexual assault on college campuses around the state of Maryland.

State Report Aims to Help Maryland Campuses Address Sexual Assault

Attorney General Doug Gansler on Thursday announced a state report on sexual assault on Maryland’s campuses — a national issue recently addressed by the Obama administration through its “It’s On Us” campaign.

Bartending Friends Look for Solution to Drink Spiking Problem

By Dennis Ting Capital News Service ADAMS MORGAN, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mike Bokman and Frank Mills are bartenders and best friends who are also in the business of safety. Drink safety that is. The DrinkLock is a new invention intended…

Bill Would Require Maryland Colleges to Issue Sexual Assault Survey

A Maryland bill would address underreporting of sexual assault on college campuses by issuing anonymous sexual assault surveys.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center Continues to Serve Community

A year after a sexual assault center in Prince George’s County expanded its services, officials say it has helped discover more victims of domestic violence.