O’Malley Signs Retroactive Health Insurance Bill

Gov. Martin O’Malley signed the emergency health care bill that will allow residents to retroactively enroll for coverage under the Maryland Health Insurance Plan after glitches plagued the exchange website.

Obama Promotes 2014 Agenda in Speech at Lanham Costco

President Barack Obama called for a higher federal minimum wage in a speech in Lanham Wednesday that echoed messages from Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

O’Malley Pushes Minimum Wage Increase in his Last State of the State Address

O’Malley urged members of the Maryland General Assembly to pass legislation increasing the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, telling lawmakers that a thriving middle class is the key to a thriving economy.

Legislators’ Reactions To Gov. O’Malley’s Address

After Gov. Martin O’Malley delivered his final State of the State address on Thursday, Maryland lawmakers responded.

With Minimum Wage Debate Set to Take Center Stage, Some Believe the County Makes the Difference

Maryland is primed for a battle between lawmakers who are pushing a statewide increase of the minimum wage and others who believe that one comprehensive hike doesn’t make sense.

O’Malley Plans No Tax Increases for Marylanders in 2015 Budget

Gov. Martin O’Malley boasts optimistic job creation efforts and spending cuts for the state in his 2015 budget despite heavy Republican opposition.

O’Malley’s Budget Proposal Calls for Hike in College Tuition

Chancellor Brit Kirwan said he is pleased with O’Malley’s proposed budget, which calls for a 3 percent college tuition hike.

Maryland Plans to Reform Health Care Spending in Hospitals

Officials announced the approval of a new Maryland plan that could put the state at the forefront of progressive health care.

Gov. O’Malley Optimistic About State’s Health Care Exchange Progress

Gov. Martin O’Malley was the latest Maryland official to address the lagging performance of the state’s health care exchange.

The Whig Party is Back, Seeking to Bridge Partisan Fighting

The Whigs, the 19th century political party that disbanded before the Civil War over the question of slavery, is trying making a comeback as the voice of reason between embittered modern day Republicans and Democrats.