Rural detention center tests new drug to combat addiction

A western Maryland detention center is the first in the country to use a new drug…to combat drug addiction.

House committee discusses combatting heroin epidemic

Baltimore City’s health commissioner joins a panel updating the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on the growing problem of abuse of illegal opioids, like heroin, as well as controlled substances, like oxycodone.

Maryland’s Heroin Epidemic

In Maryland, as in the nation, heroin use has skyrocketed in the past decade.

Maryland State Department of Education launches education campaign for heroin prevention

Students in a Law and Public Policy Magnet program at Towson High School presented a new approach to combating heroin and opioid addiction, which led to the launch of a statewide campaign on Thursday.

General Assembly’s Proposed Reforms Focus on Police Conduct, Drug Crime Sentencing

Hogan to Sign Body Camera Legislation, Spokeswoman Says

Hogan Introduces New Budget Supplement For Tax Relief, Education, Law Enforcement

Democrats Say Governor Is Holding School Funds Hostage

Bill Would Create Statewide Consortium on Heroin, Opioid Abuse

Another Bill Would Increase Naloxone Access

Hogan Announces Initiatives To Combat State’s Heroin and Opioid ‘Crisis’

Governor creates task force and inter-agency council to fight heroin epidemic

Delegates Hear Bill That Would Punish Heroin and Fentanyl Dealers Whose Drugs Kill

Opponents Fear 30-Year Maximum Sentence Would Be Applied to Users