Lawmakers Introduce Measure to Legalize, Tax Marijuana in Maryland

The proposed Marijuana Control Act of 2014 would make it legal for Maryland residents to possess, use and grow marijuana, which would be regulated and taxed like alcohol.

Maryland Has One of the Highest Rates of Marijuana Possession Arrests

Since 2007, Maryland has been in the top five states in marijuana possession arrest rate.

Minimum Wage, “Rain Tax” and Marijuana: Md. Legislature 2014

Members of the House and Senate convened Wednesday to start the legislative session.

Candidate Mizeur Proposes to Legalize and Tax Marijuana

Gubernatorial Democratic candidates open to marijuana debate.

Maryland Lobbyists, Politicians to Renew Push for Marijuana Policy Reform

Riding the wave of national attention and discourse, Maryland lobbyists and some lawmakers will ramp up efforts to pass marijuana decriminalization legislation.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in D.C.

Despite the fact that pot is illegal on the federal level, a medical marijuana dispensary is preparing to open in the nation’s capital, a mere two miles from the U.S. Department of Justice.

House Legislators Pushing for Medical Marijuana, Against Synthetics

House delegates are pushing to legalize medical marijuana, while tightening restrictions on its synthetic counterparts.

General Assembly Wrap 2012

The 2012 General Assembly session closed without an agreement between the House of Delegates and the Senate on an operating budget for the state. Many other bills passed or failed during the 90-day session.

Could Increasing the Cost of Cheap Cigars Reduce Teenage Marijuana Use?

Supporters of tax increases on cheap cigars say higher prices will be a disincentive for teenage tobacco use. What’s not clear is whether the increases will also dissuade kids from smoking blunts — hollowed out cigars filled with marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Work Group Scheduled to Make Recommendations by Friday

A medical marijuana work group will recommend two models for new legislation. One would assign medical marijuana distribution solely to academic institutions, while the other would permit physicians to recommend its use as treatment and establish state-regulated growers and distributors.