Maryland Minute Video Update: Oct 9, 2013

CNS Reporter Ben Oldach talks about a rumored trucker shutdown of the Capital Beltway, an arrest-filled protest which involves Maryland’s biggest latino organization, and “Hobbitat”, a construction company specializing in small houses.

Storify: Occupy Protestors March on “Wall Street South”

Twitter has been buzzing about the 3-mile protest, which passed several of Charlotte’s largest banks and corporations, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Duke Energy.

Protesters against Republican immigration, voter registration policies gather near convention

Protesters gathered near the RNC to show opposition to Republican policies on immigration and voter registration

Romneyville Protesters Gather Near Republican Convention in Tampa

Protesters at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa have settled outside of an Army Surplus store in an area they’ve dubbed “Romneyville.”

Glen Burnie High School Students Stand Against Westboro Baptist Church

Three church members protested in front of the high school, saying the wrath of God was upon the students.

Occupy Baltimore Movement Shifts Focus to Schools, Other Issues

After their forced eviction from McKeldin Square in December, the Occupy Baltimore movement is focusing on specific issues in the city, such as foreclosures and corporate power.