Trekking Through the District: Popular Transportation Apps

The District is full of people who are constantly on the move. With no shortage of transportation options and 64 percent of residents who are plugged into their smartphones, your mobile device can make getting around more convenient.

Maryland Makes Top Ten List for Strict Gun Laws

Maryland ranks seventh among the states for laws that help keep guns out of the hands of criminals, according to the 2015 Brady Campaign.

Metro Decides Against Fare Increase, Major Service Cuts

Metro will not see an increase in fares or make major cuts in train service, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s board of directors decided Thursday in response to next year’s budget issues.

Amidst 34th Year of Minor League Baseball, Suns Are Going Down in Hagerstown

The city of Hagerstown has a history of baseball stretching back nearly a century. But it’s looking like there may not be a second 100 years.

Chesapeake Bay impact crater adds to sea level rise

Scientists say sea level rise is occurring at a faster pace in the Chesapeake Bay region than the global average, and the dramatic formation of the bay itself is a significant reason why.

Cyber Blizzard Challenge Tests Students’ Security Skills

Cybersecurity programs from mid-Atlantic colleges and universities were put to the test as they juggled defending networks, giving aid to fictional disaster victims, and meeting demands from officials.

Energy Company Eying Gas Basin that Runs Under Southern Maryland

An energy company is leasing land on the Virginia side of a natural gas basin that runs through Southern Maryland.

National Harbor Casino Would Bring in More Gaming Revenue Than Other Bids, Analysts Say

MGM would likely bring in more gaming revenue than the other two companies competing to build Maryland’s sixth casino in Prince George’s County, economic consultants told state gaming regulators Friday.

Veteran CrossFit Amputee to Compete in Working Wounded Games

CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program, is not for the weak hearted. One veteran proves that heart is all you need to succeed in the sport.

Small Businesses Say They will be Hurt by Maryland Gas Tax Increases

Business owners say they will be hurt by Gov. Martin O’Malley’s gas tax, which passed the Senate Friday.