Tax Reform and Green Energy Take Forefront in Candidates’ Economic Platforms

From shrinking the corporate income tax to creating a chicken-litter-to-fuel facility, Maryland’s candidates for governor have strikingly different plans to make the state a better place to do business.

Gubernatorial Candidates Split on Minimum Wage

When Gov. Martin O’Malley claimed a minimum wage increase as his top priority of the 2014 legislative session, his final as governor, he sparked a firestorm of debate between lawmakers in Annapolis and the handful of candidates fighting to succeed him.

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Support GHG Reduction

Maryland’s top Democratic gubernatorial candidates would all continue state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make it a priority to incentivize the use of alternative energy sources in the state.

Gansler Received Campaign Funding From Attorney General’s Office Affiliates

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Doug Gansler received campaign funding last year from individuals and businesses who have done work with the Attorney General’s Office.

Brown Tells Lawmakers That Reports Gave No Warning of Botched Health Care Rollout

Brown said reports he received as overseer of Maryland’s health care reform failed to alert him to major glitches that would mark the launch of the state’s health care exchange website.

Tension Between Democratic Gubernatorial Rivals Part of Growing Incivility, Experts Say

Negative campaigning is likely to escalate as Maryland gets closer to the Democratic primary.

2-1-1 Healthcare: Getting Marylanders Coverage

Local health leaders and politicians were joined by linebacker London Fletcher and former NFL player Rick “Doc” Walker to reveal new advertisements for Maryland’s 2-1-1 Healthcare campaign.

Candidate Mizeur Proposes to Legalize and Tax Marijuana

Gubernatorial Democratic candidates open to marijuana debate.

State Council Checks Up on Obamacare Implementation

A state council began an examination of progress towards implementing Maryland’s healthcare exchange.

Voter Poll Shows Brown Ahead of Gansler, Partisan Agreement on Shutdown

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown was 20 percentage points ahead of Attorney General David Gansler in the governor’s race as likely voters provided insight to public opinion on Maryland and national politics in a new poll.