Presidential Choices: Marylanders Still Making Up Mind About Election

With the presidential debates over and election day just two weeks away, some Maryland voters are still trying to make up their minds.

Storify: Maryland’s Reaction To Clinton’s Speech

Bill Clinton took the stage Wednesday night to support the president. Here’s what the Republicans and Democrats from Maryland thought of the speech.

Bill Clinton’s Evolving Opinion of President Obama

Former President Bill Clinton will nominate President Obama for re-election at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte on Wednesday. Here’s a look at Clinton’s changing views of the 44th president.

Charlotte’s Banking Reputation Prompts ‘March on Wall Street South’ at DNC

Protesters kicked off the convention week with a rally and march through the home of Bank of America.

Maryland Delegation Makes Goals Clear

After arriving in Charlotte prior to the Democratic National Convention, it was time for the Maryland delegation to celebrate. But state Democratic Party Chair Yvette Lewis let her group know there was work to be done in the upcoming week.

Anne Arundel Voters Could Shape 4th District Race

Anne Arundel County could play a pivotal role in the newly aligned 4th Congressional District race, even though no candidate from there has officially entered the race.