Md. Senate on Verge of Final Same-Sex Marriage Vote

The Maryland Senate appears on the verge of approving same-sex marriage after considering a slew of amendments Thursday morning and pushing the legislation to a vote later in the day.

Md. Senate Delays Same-Sex Marriage Debate

At the request of bill opponents, the Maryland Senate on Wednesday delayed debate on same-sex marriage by one day. A number of amendments are expected to be introduced during the debate, which could stretch into Friday.

Puerto Rico Referendum Could Revitalize D.C. Status Debate

The shadow senator for the District of Columbia and other supporters of D.C. statehood said their cause may benefit from a potentially decisive November referendum in Puerto Rico.

New Law Would Ban Minors From Using Artificial Tanning Beds

A group of lawmakers wants to expand on current restrictions and place an outright ban on the use of artificial tanning beds for anyone under 18.

Montgomery County Lawmakers Look to Restrict Panhandling

Three state legislators are planning to introduce bills that would either regulate or ban panhandling in Montgomery County.