NASA Unveils James Webb Telescope

NASA is launching its biggest telescope project since the Hubble. The project, which was won approval from the U.S. Senate but awaits action in the House of Representatives, is not expected to launch until 2018. But, a full-scale model of the James Webb Telescope was recently unveiled at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

Purple Line Peaks Interest

Video by Sean McCalley/CNS-TV COLLEGE PARK – The Maryland Transit Administration held a public open house on Tuesday at the University of Maryland, educating local residents on the benefits the light rail system will provide when completed in 2020. The…

Maryland Graduates in More Debt Than Ever Before

The average college graduate in Maryland had $21,750 in student loan debt in 2010, according to the report by the Institute for College Access & Success’ Project on Student Debt, a nine percent increase from the year before.

Romney Wins Maryland — In Early Presidential Money Race

Maryland residents have donated nearly $1 million to Republican presidential candidates so far this year — with Mitt Romney ahead — despite the state’s true blue reputation.

Raw Milk Advocates Protest Outside FDA

A group of protesters known as the “Raw Milk Freedom Riders” purchased raw milk from Pennsylvania and drove to the Food and Drug Administration in Maryland to protest the prohibition of selling raw milk across state lines.

Journalism Colleges Should Emulate Teaching Hospitals, Study Says

Media companies, struggling in a time of economic uncertainty, are increasingly relying on students to plug information gaps for the public, according to a new report released Friday at Journalism Interactive.

A Race Along the ICC

The first people to give the new section of the Intercounty Connector (MD-200) a test drive, weren’t car drivers, they were runners.

Crab Companies Hurt By New Wage Rules

At J.M. Clayton’s crab packing house in Cambridge, more than 100 workers spend the day unloading, picking, stacking and then packing the sweet crabmeat that Maryland is famous for.

Maryland Gears Up for War of 1812 Bicentennial

Maryland is getting ready for a “Star Spangled” bicentennial celebration. 2012 will mark the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a critical moment in both U.S. and Maryland history.

Maryland Ranked 10th Nationally for Energy Efficiency

A push to reduce peak electricity use and decrease money spent on energy has earned Maryland a spot in the top-10 most energy-efficient states, according to a report released Thursday by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.