“The Washington Bullpen” is a weekly podcast discussing the news of the week from Washington, produced by reporters Jarod Golub and Julia Karron.

Meet the Hosts

Julia Karron is a multi-platform reporter for CNS. She primarily covers sports, and contributes to political reporting as well. She is a graduate student at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism and will graduate in the spring.

Jarod Golub is a multi-platform reporter for CNS’  Washington Bureau. He is a sophomore in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Julia Karron and Jarod Golub are the hosts of the Washington Bullpen podcast. They are standing in front of the United States Capitol.

(Timmy Chong/CNS)

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Washington Bullpen: Inside the District’s fight for voting representation in Congress

WASHINGTON – When the colonies broke off from British control to become the United States, one of their rallying cries was “no taxation without representation.” Now, 243 years later, license plates in the nation’s capital city bear the same message — a protest against not having voting representation in Congress, despite having a population of…

The Washington Bullpen: A look at the Mueller report

WASHINGTON – In this episode of “The Washington Bullpen,” host Kate Casey examines Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, which was released Thursday.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 13

WASHINGTON – On the last episode of The Washington Bullpen for the Fall 2018 semester, host Jarod Golub has the latest on former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s sentencing, the clash between President Trump and Democratic lawmakers over border wall funding, the Senate resolution to end U.S. support for the war in Yemen and Time…

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 12

WASHINGTON – On episode 12 of The Washington Bullpen podcast, host Jarod Golub brings listeners the latest on Gamble v. United States (the Supreme Court double jeopardy case), all the updates on U.S.-China relations after the G20 financial summit over the weekend and interviews with people who visited the United States Capitol building to pay respects…

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 11

WASHINGTON – After returning from Thanksgiving break, “Washington Bullpen” host Jarod Golub discusses California Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s nomination for speaker of the House, the results of the Mississippi runoff Senate election and the breaks in the Mueller investigation this week.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 10

WASHINGTON – Host Jarod Golub discusses the California wildfires, the new Amazon headquarters, the CNN lawsuit against President Donald Trump and the Florida elections on Episode 10 of “The Washington Bullpen.”

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 9

WASHINGTON – For Episode 9 of “The Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Jarod Golub has a segment on the California mass shooting, an update on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s departure, the lowdown on the Trump administration’s latest attempt to fight immigration and all your Election Day results.

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 8

WASHINGTON – On Episode 8, host Jarod Golub discusses the tragic shooting that occurred at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, President Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship with an executive order and brings the latest on the University of Maryland football team including the re-hiring  and almost immediate firing of head coach DJ Durkin.  

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 7

WASHINGTON – On this week’s episode of “The Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Jarod Golub has the latest on the pipe bombs that were mailed to the Obamas and other prominent Democratic critics of President Donald Trump, an update on the Trump administration’s plan to pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia and…

The Washington Bullpen, Episode 6

WASHINGTON – On this week’s episode of the “Washington Bullpen” podcast, host Jarod Golub talks about the outbreak of acute flaccid myelitis that’s been the focus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the New York Times report on Jared Kushner’s apparently tax-free life and President Donald Trump’s week in which he took on Honduran…