Unlevel Playing Fields

What's the Most Important Lesson

You Learned Playing High School Sports?

About The Project

This series of videos highlights the impact of Title IX on girls and women in sports. By design, it's a diverse group. The youngest subject is a high school athlete, the oldest a 94-year-old great grandmother. The group includes a World Cup champion, a public-health official, a university president, a mayor, a White House press secretary, a children's author, a former professional sports league commissioner and many others.

Reporters from the The Shirley Povich Center For Sports Journalism and Howard Center for Investigative Journalism asked the same question of 60 women: "What’s the most important lesson you learned playing high school sports?"

This is part of a larger project exploring Title IX. Unlevel Playing Fields: As Title IX turns 50, equity is still elusive for 3.4 million girls playing high school sports.