As globe warms, costs rise for Alaska military bases

The detrimental effect of global warming is pushing up the cost of ongoing operations at three of Alaska’s four major U.S. military bases: Eielson, Fort Wainwright and Clear Air Force Base.

A couple’s decision to move rests on love for their canine companions

Two Dignity Village residents dedicate their lives to taking care of abused and malnourished dogs.

Nowhere To Go: Criminalization

It’s illegal to sleep on a park bench. It’s illegal to stand in one place for too long. In hundreds of American cities, it’s a crime to be homeless.

Nowhere To Go: Dignity Village

In its endeavor to end homelessness, Gainesville begins dismantling an encampment that had become a ‘broken piece’ in a system of care.

An encampment closes without arrests — or COVID-19 cases

In its endeavor to end homelessness, Gainesville begins dismantling an encampment that had become a ‘broken piece’ in a system of care.

Nowhere To Go: Encampments

With firehoses, bulldozers and condos, gentrifying cities are clearing encampments from the streets.

One woman’s quest to find a home

Inside the world of a homeless woman at Dignity Village in Gainesville, Florida.

Extreme heat, coronavirus hitting urban poor hardest, House committee finds

Environmental activists drew connections between the disproportionate impacts of the coronavirus and extreme heat on communities of color in a virtual hearing Tuesday of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

Homeless counts in Northwest Arkansas are hit or miss

Writer Michael Adkison of The Razorback Reporter dove into the details of how the government arrives at a census of the homeless population in Northwest Arkansas — a method replicated by many other communities — revealing a flaw in the point-in-time census method that results in numerous homeless individuals in Northwest Arkansas not being counted.

Podcast: The last homeless veteran?

On Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2019, a Northwest Arkansas homeless services group proclaimed it was close to effectively ending veteran homelessness there. By mid-April 2020, the goal of eliminating veteran homelessness remained elusive.

The economic drivers of homelessness

The lower echelons of America’s middle class have been slipping through the country’s economic cracks as decades of federal policy changes have shredded the social safety nets that used to catch them.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a streamlined system helps house homeless veterans

With the help of careful data-keeping, a unified hotline, individualized assistance and a mindful community, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has succeeded in getting service members off the streets.

‘Are you going to feed us to the wolves’ when temporary respite ends?

It was the third week of March and Mike Melcher was living out of his truck in Covina, California.

Life in a homeless encampment in the shadow of the University of Arkansas

William set up his tent in an encampment near the University of Arkansas. Then, he was evicted.

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