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Maryland begins statewide effort to lessen digital divide

With federal funds and expansion of a former regional office to a statewide entity, Maryland takes steps to close the digital divide in the state.

Number of civilian gun applications approved in Md. increases

The number of approved applications for Maryland residents to buy or own a regulated firearm — essentially handguns — increased significantly from 2019 to 2020, based on Maryland State Police data from a public records request.

Chesapeake Bay fate depends on many states

In recent reports by environmental groups, the Chesapeake Bay is showing mixed recovery, relying on multiple states to contribute to the health of the watershed.

Board of Public Works approves compensation for man wrongfully convicted

After serving 19 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of attempted murder, a man will be awarded more than $1.6 million in compensation from the state of Maryland.

Maryland music venues struggle to stay afloat

Independent music venues continue to struggle financially to survive while in the midst of Maryland’s lifted pandemic restrictions and vaccine accessibility.

Maryland schools continue comparatively slow reopening plan

Maryland public school students have had some of the fewest opportunities in the nation to attend regular in-person instruction despite the state’s moderate COVID-19 spread.

Maryland lawmakers wrap up 2021 session with pandemic aid; reforms to police, betting

The Maryland General Assembly operated like never before in 2021 but still passed significant measures that included a multi-billion dollar COVID-19 relief plan, historic police reform, legalized sports wagering, and a wave of overrides of the governor’s vetoes.

Bias training bill passes in Maryland Legislature

A bill that would, among other things, mandate healthcare workers participate in implicit bias training, is on the desk of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, R.

Bill for gun rights Medical cannabis users gun rights bill stalls in House

A bill that would protect firearms rights of medical cannabis users in Maryland ran into a roadblock in the Maryland House of Delegates on Friday.

Cicadas will soon invade the state of Maryland

Brood X, a new generation of cicadas, will begin to show up in Maryland in the next few weeks, after a 17-year-long hiatus.