Robin Ficker’s latest campaign is for Maryland governor

Ficker’s campaign losses include a 2016 U.S. House race in Maryland’s District 6 Republican primary; the 2014 Maryland state Senate general election race in District 15; and a 1982 Maryland House of Delegates race in Montgomery County.

Maryland celebrates Harriet Tubman’s place in state history

Historians in Maryland say greater recognition is overdue for of the state and nation’s most important figures. Harriet Tubman is most definitely an icon that should celebrated for her death-defying efforts to lead enslaved people to freedom.

Baltimore to receive $155 million to revitalize Inner Harbor

Rising crime and a tourism slowdown have caused businesses to leave the once majestic port city. 

Goats help people cope with mental health issues

A couple in Silver Spring is offering people the chance to interact with goats in their homes. These goats help people who have anxiety and mental health concerns.

Montgomery County residents complain of excessive racing and exhaust noise

Street racing and excessive exhaust noise in the D.C. area continues to increase. The Montgomery County Police Department and Maryland State Police have not been successful in finding ways to combat it.  Neighbors are demanding action.

Judge reinstates case against two police officers who handcuffed and yelled at a 5-year-old for leaving school

A judge has reinstated a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Board of Education and two county police officers who handcuffed and berated a 5-year-old for walking away from his elementary school.

Coast Guard has new plan to move cargo ship stuck in Chesapeake Bay

The Coast Guard has announced a new plan to try to move a cargo ship that has been stuck in the Chesapeake Bay since March 13. But the ship has increased tourism to a nearby local park in Pasadena.

Police officers issue vouchers instead of tickets

Police in College Park want to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. Drivers who have broken headlights can get a free repair voucher instead of a ticket. The goal is to reduce the amount of broken lights on the road and keep pedestrians safe.

Maryland installs more litter traps to protect water and sewer systems

Trash in waterways is hazardous for people, wildlife and the environment. Montgomery County releases its first litter trap in the Lockridge Drive Tributary adding on to the other seven traps in the Anacostia watershed. The traps will capture trash from going into the Chesapeake Bay and help mitigate the environmental impact.

DC native uses boxing to teach life skills

Donte Brown has started an outreach program in his community to help people develop life skills. He does this by teaching them boxing skills. Participants say the program has helped them grow in ways they never imagined.