Maryland turkey farmers have high sales and high costs

Maryland’s small turkey farmers faced higher costs this year, but Thanksgiving has allowed many to sell their entire inventory well before the holiday.

High fuel costs have led to high feed prices, according to a local farmer, leading some to raise turkey prices while others absorb the hit.

Data shows Maryland General Assembly is becoming more representative of state

The Maryland General Assembly is starting to become a leader in state to Legislature representation. However, there is still work to be done.

Silver Spring salon stays open with little relief, lots of resolve

Alchemy Hair Salon is nestled right next to Trader Joes in a Silver Spring shopping center. Today most of the chairs are full and the sound of blow dryers is everywhere. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Maryland salon…

Legislative redistricting group releases draft congressional maps

The General Assembly’s redistricting group released four draft congressional maps Tuesday, but critics say the maps show signs of continued gerrymandering.

Candidates declare for 2022 statewide races in Maryland

With less than a year to go before the 2022 election, candidates have declared they are running for governor, attorney general and comptroller.

New congressional maps could impact incumbents

New U.S. congressional maps from Maryland’s redistricting groups could impact incumbents and voters by drawing districts that don’t include the homes of their current representatives. The Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission proposed a map which would draw two districts where no current incumbents live.

New virtual reality course lowers stress at recovery centers

At two Maryland substance use disorder treatment facilities, patients can use music, yoga and even a virtual reality lesson plan to practice mindfulness and decrease stress.

New Immigrant Affairs office to connect resource centers

A new Governor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs is tasked with connecting immigrant advocacy resources across the state to those in need, and Maryland’s nonprofits and high-ranking officials have thrown in their support — and expectations.

Horse rescue will operate new facility with grant from state

A horse sanctuary in Maryland plans to use a $100,000 state grant to pay for new indoor training and education facilities. Earlier this month, the Board of Public Works approved the grant to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine, Maryland.

P.G. County Police resist release of misconduct records, despite law change

The Prince George’s County Police Department has refused to disclose police misconduct records, despite a new state law that was intended, according to its sponsor, to open such records to the public and the media.