Homeless women face extra health, safety worries

Many homeless women fear for their safety even when they are able to secure shelter.

Tensions rise when businesses, homeless people share the same space

In the 1990s Washington created Business Improvement Districts to “promote economic growth and employment.”

What is an encampment? Don’t ask Massachusetts

The lack of a clear encampment definition, when and how a cleanout will be done and what services are available to displaced occupants creates legal risk for authorities and further traumatizes displaced homeless individuals.

Nowhere to Go

Americans priced out of housing increasingly land in jail, in court or in tents on the street. As we shelter in place, they have nowhere to go.

A First Amendment right to feed?

A constitutional clash between a religious belief in feeding the hungry and a city food-sharing ban.

In Ocala, strict policing pushes the homeless out of sight

A federal lawsuit alleges draconian measures in Ocala, Florida, to address homelessness are not only discriminatory but unconstitutional.

Arkansas jail releases inmates, dozens of them homeless, amid COVID-19

The Washington County Detention Center — one of the largest jails in Arkansas — released a third of its inmates, including some homeless detainees, over a 10-day span to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak behind bars.

Homeless bills of rights are a new iteration of anti-discrimination laws

Many states have passed, or are considering, laws protecting homeless people from discrimination.