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February 6, 1998
Appeals Court Ruling Tightens Leash on Pet Owners

ANNAPOLIS – Attorneys said that a decision published Friday by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals will give victims of dog attacks a powerful tool for suing the animals’ owners

May 1, 1998
Bay May Claim Bits of Prehistoric Maryland From Tilghman Island

TILGHMAN ISLAND – Darrin Lowery held a black bit of stone that he found on this Tilghman Island beach 23 years ago

April 1, 1998
Chiropractor’s Sanctions Upheld Despite Perceived Bias by Board

ANNAPOLIS – The Court of Special Appeals said Wednesday that the Board of Chiropractic Examiners was not biased against a doctor they accused of trying to blackmail two of their members with sex

February 3, 1998
Conviction for Baltimore Shooting Spree Upheld

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Special Appeals on Tuesday upheld the attempted-murder conviction of a Baltimore man who opened fire on three men whose double-parked car was blocking his way

February 4, 1998
Court Upholds Mandatory 25-Year Sentence for Career Burglar

ANNAPOLIS – A Maryland appeals court Wednesday upheld the mandatory 25-year jail term for a burglar who was sentenced just one day before lawmakers moved to relax the “three strikes, you’re out” law that put him behind bars