September 8, 2009
2010 Census to Stimulate Maryland Job Market

WASHINGTON – The Census Bureau will open 11,350 temporary census jobs in Maryland this fall, for everything from staffing offices to performing field work for the next decennial survey, bureau spokeswomen said

October 30, 2009
Anti-illegal-Immigration Group Draws Controversy

WASHINGTON – Brad Botwin has been called an extremist and even a Nazi

May 27, 2009
Business Booms, Busts Broaden in Bleak Climate

BALTIMORE – Charles Village is a Baltimore neighborhood of contrasts

October 28, 2009
Census: Maryland Family Trends Vary Widely by County

WASHINGTON – If you live in Baltimore City, you are probably not married

October 13, 2009
Congressman Outlines Immigration Proposal at Capitol Hill Vigil

WASHINGTON – More than 2,000 immigrants and reform advocates watched on Capitol Hill Tuesday as Rep

September 10, 2009
Day Laborers, Organizers Make Case for Immigration Reform

SILVER SPRING – Bladensburg resident William Reyes was laid off nine months ago after working in landscaping for nine years, and now relies on day labor for his income

December 4, 2009
Despite Maryland’s Wealth, Working Families Struggle

WASHINGTON – Maryland remains the wealthiest state in the nation, but income and health gaps are still a concern for blue-collar families here, a new report suggests

November 4, 2009
Experts Fear McDonnell Win Could Hurt Bay Cooperation

WASHINGTON – Republican Robert McDonnell’s win Tuesday in the Virginia gubernatorial elections could roll back gains in that state’s cooperation with Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay and other policy issues, experts warned Wednesday

December 10, 2009
LaHood, Mikulski Urge Federal Oversight of Metro

WASHINGTON – The federal government will enforce safety rules on Metro and other public transit systems under a proposal Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood introduced at a Senate subcommittee hearing Thursday

November 19, 2009
Local Enforcement of Immigration Rules Wins Praise

WASHINGTON – Enlisting local police in immigration enforcement could help prevent crimes committed by illegal immigrants, Baltimore’s former Maryland Transportation Authority Police Chief Gary McLhinney, argued in a panel discussion Thursday