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March 3, 2004
‘Flush Tax’ Backers Muddy Path to Passage

ANNAPOLIS – Supporters sung the praises of Gov

April 13, 2004
‘Flush Tax’ Leads Major Environmental Wins


February 17, 2004
Avian Flu Testing Zone Expanded

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland agriculture and poultry industry officials continued their efforts to stave off an outbreak of avian flu, announcing they will expand testing for the economically devastating disease to a wider zone of the state’s poultry farms

February 25, 2004
Bay Recovery Fund Plan Fuels Corporate Influence Worries

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland activists and state officials squared off Wednesday over an administration bill to allow the Department of Natural Resources to solicit funds from private donors to clean up the Chesapeake Bay

January 22, 2004
Bills Try to Preempt Fishing Grounds Closures

ANNAPOLIS – Two Calvert County legislators said they are seeking to defend an American pastime, introducing legislation to secure Maryland’s 700,000 anglers’ right to fish