Autonomy Of Local Schools Uncertain

Local schools have struggled to remain autonomous with binding regulations coming from the state and federal education departments.

Gov. O’Malley Signs More Than 100 Bills, Including Pre-K Expansion

Gov. Martin O’Malley signed more than 100 bills into law Tuesday, including a pre-K expansion and a law ending the practice of holding the owners of pit bulls to a different liability standard.

Average Maryland Teacher Sees Drop In Salary

Despite an increased workload as a result of the Common Core State Standards, Maryland teachers have seen a dip in their average salary since 2009.

Future Teachers Uncertain About Entering The Common Core Fray

College students studying to be teachers recognize the anxiety in their career field over Common Core

Experts and Parents Face Off on Common Core

Parents and education experts argued the pros and cons of Common Core in front of the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee.

New State Education Standards Discussed at Hearing

SPRINGDALE — The Maryland State Board of Education discussed the new curriculum framework with parents Tuesday at a public forum.

Success of Obama’s Education Initiative in Maryland Unclear

A report on the failings of President Barack Obama’s $4 billion education initiative has evoked conflicting responses about the program’s effectiveness in Maryland.

Reading, Writing With Paul Revere Proves Learning Is an Art

Imagine a classroom where math is taught with Matisse and reading is learned through drama rather than a textbook.

Maryland Hits Hurdles in Race to the Top

Problems with teacher evaluation systems and data management have only slightly strained Maryland’s progress toward implementing Race to the Top reforms, according to a report released by the Center for American Progress.