A Baltimore Science Teacher Leaves His Mark on the City

A Baltimore science teacher paints the city with digital spray paint.

Animals Inspire a Career for a Young Entrepreneur

Daisy Creel, a 10-year-old Montgomery County student, started her own business after combining her passion for animals and interest in the EOS brand chap stick.

HOBBY PIPES: turning a hobby into a career to help others

Brendon Pinkham uses his unusual hobby as a way to pay tribute to his younger brother who suffers from Aspergers.

Montgomery County Surveys Its Homeless Population

Homeless advocates for Montgomery County hit the streets of Silver Spring at 5:00 a.m. to count the homeless population.

Girls Conquer The World of Technology

A five-member all girl team of a Howard County middle school wins “Best in Nation” in Verizon’s “Innovative App Challenge.”

PAVE Helps Teens Deal with Sexual Abuse

PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) is a non-profit founded by Angela Rose to help high schoolers overcome and speak out on sexual abuse.

Former NBC Voice Contestant Uses Her Talent to Inspire Students

RaeLynn, former finalist on NBC’s “The Voice” may not have won the competition, but says she’s still achieving her dreams. She just treated students at Bowie High School with a private concert as part of the celebration of “Music In Our Schools Month.”

UMBC’s Choice Program is Helping Teens Get on Track

Imhotep Simba and Abdul Brannum may have had a brush with the law, but now they’re turning their lives around thanks to UMBC’s Choice Program that gives troubled teens new opportunities.

Local Hardware Store Owner Creates A New Way to “Flush” Away the Snow

Local hardware store owner David Goldberg is on a special “potty patrol” thanks to his own unique invention.

Baltimore Native & NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman Gives Kids a Tour of Outer Space

Native Baltimorean and NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman returned to earth in November after six months aboard the international space station. He told the kids and visitors at the Maryland Science Center that he hopes they follow in his footsteps by obtaining a strong science background.