For some, necessary isolation from virus is detrimental to mental, physical health

KENSINGTON, Maryland – Social distancing and staying home have proven essential for flattening the coronavirus curve and minimizing harm from the virus, but research shows that these unprecedented guidelines to match our unprecedented times may negatively impact mental and physical…

Md. youths needing psychiatric care find long waits, drives

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland — The first time Jeannine LeMieux’s daughter was hospitalized for a psychotic episode, she was only 8 years old. LeMieux took her daughter to a hospital emergency room near her home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where it was…

One local artist is ditching the canvas for bathroom stalls

When you think about school bathrooms, you may think of how dark they are or even how smelly they are. However, one local artist is on a mission to change that. CNS TV’s Lauren Moses visited Langley Elementary School, where the artist is using her talents to leave her mark on the school and students long after the job is done.

Biased landlords ignore disability rights, uphold segregation, activists say

WASHINGTON — Disability, race, gender, mental illness, and criminal history are used by landlords against low-income renters to deny access to public housing. That’s according to Lydia Brown, a fellow with Washington’s Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health…

Battle over requiring helmets for female lacrosse players

Protective helmets are often required for bicyclists, bikers and some sports, like football. But when it comes to lacrosse young men and boys who play the sport are required to wear them but girls and women usually are not. And some suggest it may time to change those rules.

Affordable Care Act substantially expanded mental health coverage

The Affordable Care Act strengthened benefits for mental health services and addiction treatment across the country. A repeal could seriously affect Marylanders, especially those who received coverage through Medicaid expansion.

Maryland school safety training includes Sandy Hook speakers

Just over four years after the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, schools across the nation are continuing their efforts to promote safety and security for students, including in Maryland through the state’s 2017 School Safety Initiative.

Crisis hotline faces crisis on election night, lacks resources for future

HYATTSVILLE–On a normal night the Community Crisis Services, Inc. in Prince George’s County handles about 50 calls. On election night in November, that number exploded to 450 calls.