Md. bill charges juveniles as adults for attempted carjacking

Legislation under consideration in the Maryland General Assembly would add attempted carjacking and attempted armed carjacking to the list of offenses that juveniles at least 16 years of age can be charged with as adults.

Sen. Will Smith to be deployed to Afghanistan in March

Sen. Will Smith, an officer in the United States Naval Reserve, is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan on March 29 in support of Operation Resolute Support.

Senate committee hears testimony on governor’s Judicial Transparency Act

Members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee heard heated testimony for and against Governor Hogan’s proposed Judicial Transparency Act of 2019. The bill would require a state Sentencing Commission to publish an annual report that includes detailed, judge-by-judge information about the sentences handed down to convicted violent offenders.

Annapolis Roundup: Feb. 12

The General Assembly debates SWAT teams, foster care, tanning beds and surrogates

Delegate to Propose Bill to Expedite and Clarify Child Custody Cases

Maryland Delegate Kathleen Dumais’ bill calls on judges to explain their decisions in child custody cases

Medical Officials Call For Birth Injury Fund To Combat High-Cost Malpractice Lawsuits

The measure would allow families of babies who suffer neurological injuries during birth to sidestep the lawsuit process and seek compensation directly from a statewide fund.

Gun Rights Advocates Rally Against O’Malley’s Gun Control Bill

Gun rights advocates rallied in Annapolis against proposed assault weapons ban, magazine size limits and increased licensing for firearms.