Women Urge President Obama to Grant Clemency to More Women

WASHINGTON, D.C.–As the Obama presidency reaches its final days so, too, comes the opportunity to grant federal inmates convicted of non-violent offenses a second chance through clemency. In Washington, Wednesday, dozens gathered across from the White House to urge the…

Students React to Presidential Election

College Park, Md. — Dissent over the election of republican Donald Trump hit the campus of the University of Maryland where hundreds turned out to express their concern about what might lie ahead under a Trump administration.

Gov. Larry Hogan Proposes Budget Cuts

ANNAPOLIS, Md.–Governor Hogan asks the state Board of Public Works to approve $82 million in cuts to reduce a projected $250 budget shortfall. The Board gave its unanimous approval.      

Governor Hogan’s popularity remains high but democrats say re-election is not guaranteed

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland– He refused to endorse the republican party’s presidential candidate eventually saying he would vote against him. But that appears to have only helped Governor Hogan’s popularity in Maryland where the most recent poll shows he had 71% approval…

Official predicts largest turnout since Maryland started early voting

On the first day of early voting, Marylanders were excited to have their voices heard. But some are still jaded by the negativity surrounding Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Former Baltimore City Mayor Sheila Dixon announces write-in candidacy

With just four weeks until the General Election, Sheila Dixon announces she will run as a write-in candidate after losing to Democratic Candidate Catherine Pugh.

MD Civil Air Patrol sends relief in wake of Hurricane Matthew

Fort Meade, Md– Members of Maryland Wing Group II travel to South Carolina to volunteer in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.