“The Annapolis Bullpen” is a bi-weekly podcast that dives into the Maryland legislature from the Maryland State House. It is produced by our NewsBIN team.

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Meet the Hosts

Madison Marmen  @madisonmarmen
Tina Hang Vo  @tinahangvo 
Anna Muckerman  @annamuckerman
 Catalina Mejia   @cmejia810
Jennie Aguilar  @jennieaaguilar
Aaron Rosa  @rosaauthor

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The Annapolis Bullpen: Where’s the line?

This week on the Annapolis Bullpen podcast we dive deep into gerrymandering in Maryland. We explore who represents you, how districts are drawn and how Maryland is different from other states. 

The Annapolis Bullpen: Budget, taxes and your wallet

This week on the Annapolis Bullpen podcast we dive deep into the budget. We explore how Maryland’s budget works, Gov. Larry Hogan’s priorities and how are the new federal tax laws going to affect the state and you.

The Annapolis Bullpen: From the opening gavel to the opening controversy

On this week’s episode of the Annapolis Bullpen Podcast we talk about the opening of the session, veto overrides and tax reform.