New Md. Laws Require Helmets and Goggles for Moped Riders

Beginning Monday, Oct. 1, all moped and motor scooter riders in Maryland will be required to wear a helmet and goggles and their vehicles must be registered and insured. Many University of Maryland students are unhappy with the changes.

Annapolis Vending Machine Company Offers Healthier Snacks

Vend Natural, a vending machine company based in Annapolis, aims to give people on-the-go healthier snacking options–and their profits are almost 3 times higher than those of traditional vending machines.

Maryland Delegates Use Social Media to Connect with Voters Back Home

Maryland delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa stayed connected with folks back home through social media; Facebook and Twitter played a bigger role than ever in documenting the convention.

Protesters against Republican immigration, voter registration policies gather near convention

Protesters gathered near the RNC to show opposition to Republican policies on immigration and voter registration

Romneyville Protesters Gather Near Republican Convention in Tampa

Protesters at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa have settled outside of an Army Surplus store in an area they’ve dubbed “Romneyville.”