Taxes On Textbooks May Be Kept Without Vote

Delegate Michael D. Smigiel Sr. presented a bill that would eliminate the sales tax for college textbooks. For the seventh time since 2006, it may die without a vote.

Legislators’ Reactions To Gov. O’Malley’s Address

After Gov. Martin O’Malley delivered his final State of the State address on Thursday, Maryland lawmakers responded.

Joint Legislative Agenda Focuses On Business Development

The Maryland General Assembly’s agenda this session includes a legislative package that focuses on economic and business development.

County Drug Task Forces Now Led By Local Police, Not Troopers

Maryland State Police have transferred the administration of county-wide drug task forces to local police, but some lawmakers are concerned.

Lieutenant Governor Proposes $4.3 Million Expansion of Pre-K

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown announced a $4.3 million expansion of prekindergarten to add an additional 1,600 children from a broader economic base, packaged with Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget proposal.

O’Malley’s Budget Proposal Calls for Hike in College Tuition

Chancellor Brit Kirwan said he is pleased with O’Malley’s proposed budget, which calls for a 3 percent college tuition hike.