Van Hollen: Nation Must Adopt Maryland’s Gun Laws to Lower Homicides

Lawmakers want other states to emulate Maryland’s gun laws

Baltimore Startup Aims to Revolutionize Rehabilitation Industry

Utilizing Xbox Kinect technology, a team of biomedical engineers and game designers in Baltimore is developing software that allows for interactive physical rehabilitation from the comfort of a patient’s home.

Reading, Writing With Paul Revere Proves Learning Is an Art

Imagine a classroom where math is taught with Matisse and reading is learned through drama rather than a textbook.

Senators Try Again to Ban Smoking with Kids in Car

Maryland senators want those who smoke in cars with children under 8 to be fined $50. Proponents and opponents presented their cases in a hearing on Thursday before the Judicial Proceedings Committee.

Faiths United Calls for Morals Over Politics on Gun Control

Faiths United to Prevent Gun Control, a coalition of religious leaders representing over 40 faiths, are fueling a social movement to make gun control a priority.

108th Meeting Between #10 Maryland and #3 Johns Hopkins

The #10 Maryland men’s lacrosse team travels to Baltimore, Md. to play #3 Johns Hopkins in college lacrosse’s top rivalry.

Users Share Photos at Their Fingertips in Latest Internet Craze

Instagram is the latest smartphone craze, combining an iPhone app with social media savvy to produce shareable, professional-quality photos on the fly.