Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Service encourages responsible drinking with alcohol-to-go orders

Since the beginning of the pandemic restaurants and bars have been offering alcoholic beverages in to-go containers for customers to take home. In response, the Montgomery County Alcohol Beverage Service, started the ‘Pause Program’ which encourages drivers to “pause” to…

Bills would strip regulatory power and contributions from Franchot

Two bills that would shift regulatory power of alcohol, tobacco and motor fuel from Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot’s office to a new commission — and limit those industries from donating money to Franchot — were discussed at competing press conferences and a heated committee meeting last week.

Maryland craft brewers hope to press for revamping laws next year

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland – The state’s craft brewing community and its allies failed to convince the legislature this year to ease restrictions on the production and distribution of craft beer, but the industry expects to try again next session. “The battle…

Local Starbucks Stores Push for Alcohol Sales in New Program

WASHINGTON — Five Starbucks stores in the District of Columbia have requested licenses to serve alcohol in an effort to bring more nighttime business. This news comes after Starbucks announced a new menu lineup late last year called “Starbucks Evenings.”…

Maryland Puts Voluntary Ban on Palcohol

Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot and Maryland Alcohol Wholesalers and Distributors have reached an agreement on the voluntary ban of the product Palcohol. Pacohol, powdered alcohol, was approved by the FDA but state leaders say there are too many risks associated with the product.

Bartending Friends Look for Solution to Drink Spiking Problem

By Dennis Ting Capital News Service ADAMS MORGAN, WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mike Bokman and Frank Mills are bartenders and best friends who are also in the business of safety. Drink safety that is. The DrinkLock is a new invention intended…

Vaportini Ban Approved by Maryland General Assembly

Maryland may become the first state to ban the use of Vaportinis, which allow users to inhale fumes from heated alcoholic drinks.

Montgomery County Task Force Recommends New Liquor to Food Ratio

BETHESDA — This week, the County Executive will review the Montgomery County Nighttime Economy Task Force’s recommendations for increasing business at night.

Legislation to Boost Brewing Industry Stalls

Many small breweries, including Union Craft Brewery in Baltimore, are trying to push forward legislation that would provide an economic boost to the industry.