Bill proposes age limits on tackle football for young athletes

Good Counsel High School freshman William Leatherwood has been playing tackle football since second grade. Leatherwood says playing tackle football for so many years has helped get him to Good Counsel and their athletic program. But that could change for younger athletes in the future.

Md. schools commission aims for more career-bound programs

Ebony Ginard can build a small house in just two weeks.

Protecting Their Young: Youth Football Leagues Take Steps Toward a Safer Game

The guidelines are part of increased efforts in youth football to improve safety and better protect players from head injuries in the wake of publicity over NFL players who suffered degenerative brain disease after years of playing the collision sport.

Ravens’ Independent Neurologist Represents a Changing NFL

Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, concussion expert and the independent neurological consultant for the Baltimore Ravens, has seen a change in NFL players’ attitudes.

Maryland is Home to Potential Concussion Assessment Technology

BrainScope hopes to one day remove the subjectivity from doctors’ decisions whether a soldier or athlete can return to their normal activities after a concussion.